Automotive Advertisements

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Volkswagen Delivery Trucks
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen Delivery Trucks: The right size for your needs.

The right size for your needs. Advertising Agency: almapBBDO, Brazil Partner/Co-President of the...see more →

Harley Davidson: A piece of freedom
Harley-Davidson Print advertisements

Harley Davidson: A piece of freedom

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Prague, Czech Republic Chief Creative Officer: Jaime Mandelbaum / ...see more →

Kia TV & Film advertisements

Go on a cross country road trip in his brand new 2015 Kia Optima

Find out what happens when a son tells his father that he’s taking a break from the real world to...see more →

Honda Print advertisements

Honda: Voice guidanve at every turn.

Voice guidanve at every turn. Advertising Agency: Impact & Echo BBDO, Kuwait Executive...see more →

Wrangler Europe vs Wrongler
Wrangler Print advertisements

Wrangler Europe vs Wrongler

Advertising Agency: WE ARE Pi, Amsterdam, Netherlands see more →

Renault professional trucks
Renault Print advertisements

Renault: Because you can't adapt everything

New Renault Master. Because you can't adapt everything. Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil,...see more →

KIA: A single moment changes the whole story
Kia Print advertisements

KIA: A single moment changes the whole story

A single moment changes the whole story. Don't text and drive. Advertising Agency: Propaganda,...see more →

Volkswagen: Braking that gets you further
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen: Braking that gets you further

Braking that gets you further. The new e-Golf partially recharges itself using braking energy....see more →

Kia Online advertisements

Kia Canada April Fools

Interested in some actual product innovations? Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide, Canada...see more →

Ducati Print advertisements

Ducati: Traffic

Client: Ducati Advert title(s): Traffic Advertising Agency: McCANN Lima Executive Creative...see more →

Jaguar TV & Film advertisements

Jaguar 'The Art Of Villainy'

An interactive short film staring Tom Hiddleston for the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe....see more →

Mercedes TV & Film advertisements

Mercedes "Dreamcar"

Mercedes-AMG: The car you dreamed of as a child, has just been overtaken. Watch...see more →

Goodyear Print advertisements

Goodyear with Wet-Grip Tehnology

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Berlin, Germany Chief Creative Officer:Andreas Pauli / Copywriter:...see more →

Fly with Audi
Audi Print advertisements

Fly with Audi

Advertising Agency: bcg2, Auckland, New Zealand Executive Creative Director:James Blackwood / ...see more →

Lexus TV & Film advertisements

Lexus: Let's take control

Let’s take control, but let’s not take ourselves so seriously. Let’s be precise, but let’s have a...see more →

Nissan TV & Film advertisements

Nissan: With Dad

#withdad follows the struggles of a hardworking and close-knit family striving for togetherness...see more →

Yamaha ads
Yamaha Print advertisements

Yamaha: 23% reduced fatalities if the headlight is on during the day

23% reduced fatalities if the headlight is on during the day Advertising Agency: Dentsu,...see more →

Volkswagen TV & Film advertisements

Volkswagen Tiguan: Barbecue

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain Production:Seven Senses / Director:Daniel Azancot / DoP:...see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen Genuine Parts: Would it be the same?

In line with previous campaigns, the message is: to use fake (not original) parts spoils your...see more →

Jeep TV & Film advertisements

Jeep Renegade: Beautiful Lands

From the streets of New York City to the outback of Australia, follow the Jeep Renegade...see more →