France Ads

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Ray-Ban Online ads

Ray-Ban: Now remastered in aluminium

The original Ray-Ban Clubmaster. Now remastered in aluminium. Advertising Agency: Marcel WW / WAM...see more →

WWF ads
WWF Print ads

WWF: A new species of fur

Wonder World Fur.A new species of fur. Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France Chief Creative...see more →

McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: iconic foods with little or no branding

Epic close-up images of McDonald's iconic foods with little or no branding. Advertising...see more →

Nissan TV & Film ads

Nissan NOTE: anticipate the unexpected

How can you anticipate the unexpected with the all-new Nissan NOTE?You can try this unexpected test...see more →

Orange TV & Film ads

Orange: Go Europe

Advertising Agency: Marcel/Publicis Conseil, France Chief Creative Officer: Anne de Maupeou /...see more →

Malibu Outdoor ads

Malibu: The fusion of rum & coconut

The fusion of rum & coconut. Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France Creative directors:...see more →

NIVEA Print ads

NIVEA: Stress Protect deodorant

"We need to talk. / There’s something I need to tell you… / You’re late! / Who is that girl?In case...see more →

Eau Ecarlate ads
Eau Ecarlate Print ads

Eau Ecarlate: Don't let it fade

Don't let it fade. Product: Eau Ecarlate Renovator Black Clothing Advertising Agency: Herezie,...see more →

Knacki Sausages
Knacki Outdoor ads

Knacki: 1,59€ Why pay more?

1,59€Why pay more? Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, France Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt /...see more →

Toulouse Airport
Toulouse Airport Print ads

Toulouse Airport: direct from Toulouse

Advertising Agency: Nouveau Monde DDB, Toulouse, France Creative Director / Art Director: Marc...see more →

Ray-Ban Outdoor ads

Ray-Ban: Never hide

Never hide Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France Chief Creative Officer / Executive Creative...see more →

M6 mobile Online ads

M6 mobile: Meet Geronimo and play

What better than a purple cat to stuff himself on blue birds? Meet Geronimo, the crazy and...see more →

Renault Ambient ads

Renault: Energy dCi 110 hp only consumes 3.5 l per 100 km

Renault just developed the most fuel-efficient engine in its category. The new Energy dCi 110 hp...see more →

Petite Maman ads
Petite Maman Print ads

Petite Maman: Give them a second chance

Give them a second chance.Give your baby's old clothes to mums who need them. Advertising Agency:...see more →

McDonald's TV & Film ads

McDonald's: "Le Manège"

Advertising Agency: TBWA, France General Manager: David Leclabart / Account manager: Matthéo...see more →

Perrier ads
Perrier Print ads

Perrier: Small bubbles make it easy to swallow

Small bubbles make it easy to swallow. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France Chief Creative...see more →

Calor Online ads

Calor: "Sourires de femmes"

World's first painless electric epilator from Calor. Calor: Chantal Cahen, Astrid Duhamel, Serge...see more →

IBM Outdoor ads

IBM: If cities were smarter

IBM is committed to creating solutions that help cities all over the world get smarter, in order to...see more → ads Print ads The online Radio about cinema

The online Radio about cinema. Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France Chief Creative...see more →

Hawaiian Tropic TV & Film ads

Hawaiian Tropic: On the beach, the sun isn't your only enemy

On the beach, the sun isn't your only enemy. Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France Executive...see more →