Spain Ads

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Mecal TV & Film ads

Mecal: "shows how people reacted" by Snoop

Mecal International Short And Animation Film Festival from Barcelona celebrates its 20 anniversary...see more →

Control: "Better. Together." by September
Control Print ads

Control: "Better. Together." by September

Better. Together. New CONTROL 2in1 Condom+lub finally together. CONTROL Feel make Feel....see more →

Greenpeace TV & Film ads

Greenpeace - My wishes for 2018

When we think about our wishes for the year, we always want positive things, change for the better...see more →

Audi TV & Film ads

Audi #EverAfter, the same old tale as you’d never imagined it before

A girl, her fairy godmother, a faboulous carriage, a wolf and an unattainable dream are the...see more →

Scrabble mambo jambo
Scrabble Outdoor ads

Scrabble mambo jambo

Advertising Agency: JVG, Madrid, Spain Creative Director: Javier Vallejo García...see more →

Scrabble TV & Film ads

Scrabble "Anagram Christmas"

How to change negative things into positive ones this Christmas. This amazing new Scrabble film...see more →

Scrabble TV & Film ads

Scrabble "Anagram Lovers"

What happens when a pineapple and an apple pie meet each other? Discover it in the new Scrabble...see more →

Ciao Miami
Ciao Miami Print ads

Ciao Miami: An Italian Renaissance

"An Italian Renaissance. Spaghetti Bolognese. Authentic italian pasta with genuine Ragu alla...see more →

Diesel ads
Diesel Print ads

Diesel: Photobomb

Advertising Agency: Imaginarte, Spain Creative Director: Antonio Piñero / Art Director: Victor...see more →

Volkswagen TV & Film ads

Volkswagen Tiguan: Barbecue

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain Production:Seven Senses / Director:Daniel Azancot / DoP:...see more →

Carnet Jove print ads
Carnet Jove Print ads

Carnet Jove: an app that splashes you

Imagine an app that splashes you with water from the rapids. Download the new Carnet Jove app....see more →

Habitua print ads
Habitua Print ads

Habitua: some things you just can't avoid

"There are some things you just can't avoid, but there are houses where you won't care."...see more →

IKEA Online ads

IKEA: The other letter

Advertising Agency: McCann, Spain Client: IKEA see more →

Burger King Online ads

Burger King: The Whopper Apartment

In order to launch Burger King’s delivery service in Spain, La Despensa has created: The Whopper...see more →

Dewar's TV & Film ads

Dewar's: Dewar's True Scotch

Wanted: men and women for True Scotch. Long days in the open air. Extended periods without...see more →

Audi TV & Film ads

AUDI: Life is a ride

Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain Production: Tony Petersen Films / Lee Films Director: Sega / DOP:...see more →

Pepe Jeans TV & Film ads

Pepe Jeans: Authentic Vintage Boot Care Kit

Maintain the original distressed aspect of your Icon Boot with its Authentic Vintage Boot Care Kit...see more →

Adidas TV & Film ads

Adidas: Wear It or Fear It.

Adidas is presenting the new Real Madrid C.F. kit to be worn in the UEFA Champions League in the...see more →

Diesel Footwear
Diesel Print ads

Diesel Footwear: Help

Help hipsters / Help selfie addicts / Help vintage victims Advertising Agency: Imaginarte...see more →

Volkswagen TV & Film ads

VW: Drive safe. Feel confident.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain General Creative Director: José Maria Roca de Vinyals / ...see more →