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Costa Rican National Amputee Soccer Team TV & Film ads

Costa Rican National Amputee Soccer Team: My Spare Boot - Case Study

For the first time in the history of Costa Rica, its National Amputee...see more →

Reporters Without Borders Online ads

Reporters Without Borders: "Fonts for Freedom" by Serviceplan

More and more media organizations are censored or closed and journalists arrested. These are...see more →

Tele2 Kazakhstan TV & Film ads

Tele2 Kazakhstan: "Bloggers, shoot faster" by Kombinat

Advertised brand: Tele2 Kazakhstan Advert title: Bloggers, shoot...see more →

The Economist: "#IWD" by BBDO
The Economist Outdoor ads

The Economist: "#IWD" by BBDO

Isn't time to abolish the birth penalty? Sexism and the City. New episodes daily? Advertising...see more →

CANAL+ Online ads

CANAL+: "CANAL Classico" by CANAL+

This year again, the Classico (Olympique de Marseille VS Paris Saint Germain) will be broadcast...see more →

Las Empanadas
Las Empanadas Print ads

Las Empanadas: "The Most Rock'n Roll Snac of Rock in Rio." by Camisa 10

Advertising Agency: Camisa 10, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Creative Directors: Bruno Richter, Victor...see more →

CANAL+ TV & Film ads

CANAL + - Couch Maid Bathroom Mustang

Sorry but the best of X has gone to CANAL+… All for the sake of our pleasure, CANAL+ has gathered...see more →

CANAL+ TV & Film ads

CANAL+ Front Row

CANAL+ andBETC bring out a new campaign to promote the broadcaster’s subscribers’ loyaltyprogramme...see more →

CANAL+ TV & Film ads

Canal+: What bond is stronger than that between a father and his child?

BETC brings you an emotional film, showing devoted fathers present at every important moment in...see more →

Bishopp: Made you look, Dirty Chook
Bishopp Outdoor ads

Bishopp: Made you look, Dirty Chook

Advertising Agency: Rumble Creative & Media, Brisbane, Australia Managing...see more →

Twitter: First on Twitter
Twitter Print ads

Twitter: First on Twitter

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong / ...see more →

Forbes: Money is good
Forbes Print ads

Forbes: Money is good

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Sao Pulo, Brazil see more →

Hallmark Online ads

Hallmark #PutYourHeartToPaper Saying "I love you"

Saying "I love you" is easy. It's three little words. What's hard is going beyond that, going...see more →

Record Pocket Books
Record Pocket Books Print ads

Record Pocket Books: small Objects

Advertising Agency: Giacometti, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director:Joao Santos / Art Director...see more →

Paramount TV & Film ads

Paramount: Terminator Genisys

He's back. Watch the new Terminator Genisys big game spot starring Arnold Schwarzenegger....see more →

Sky Ambient ads

SKY: Polar Bear Roams London

An 8 ft long, fully animated ‘adult male polar bear’ was unleashed on the freezing streets of...see more →

CANAL+ TV & Film ads

CANAL+: Unicorns

With “Unicorns” BETC presents a classic CANAL+ ad; it's funny,...see more →

Getty Images ads
Getty Images Print ads

Getty Images: Abbey Road

Client: Getty Images Ad Agency: M&C Saatchi Tel-Aviv Executive Creative...see more →

Vogue TV & Film ads

Vogue: Just a Minute

When you say, “Just a minute,” what do you really mean? In this original...see more →

Telhanorte Direct Marketing ads

Telhanorte: The Concreted Magazine

Telhanorte’s action encases decoration magazines inside a block of construction...see more →

El Universo print ads
El Universo Print ads

El Universo: Young Lions Ecuador - Make history

El Universo Young Lions Ecuador Advertising Agency: Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador...see more →

CLIO Awards print ads
CLIO Awards Print ads

CLIO Awards: the experts decide

The CLIO Creative Bowl. Where the experts decide the big game's best ad. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

Netflix TV & Film ads

Netflix: the big and small transformations

Can Netflix change one person’s life forever? Can a sullen teenager be transformed...see more →

Turner TV & Film ads

Turner: Creepy October

Advertising Agency: Santa Clara, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director:Santa Clara...see more →

VH1 TV & Film ads

VH1: Hindsight

Every day, we ask ourselves "What if I had the chance to go back and do things differently?" We...see more →

The New York Times print ads
The New York Times Print ads

The New York Times: Roots are stronger than walls

Roots are stronger than walls Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Art Director:Marina...see more →

Netflix Online ads

Netflix: family movie night

See what happens when kids rule family movie night. Because the movie is just the beginning…...see more →

National Geographic TV & Film ads

National Geographic: The passion of nature takes over any other

Due to watching Nat Geo Wild, The passion of nature takes over any other. Advertising...see more →

Sky TV & Film ads

SKY: Freedom in your hands

Advertising Agency: DDB, New Zealand Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton / Creative Director: ...see more →

98FM Print ads

98FM: For rock lovers

Beware of posers. 98FM. For rock lovers. Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil...see more →

Cundari Direct Marketing ads

Cundari: a time for merriment, joy and self-mockery

The holidays are a time for merriment, joy, and in Cundari's case, self-mockery....see more →

National Geographic ads
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: A concept - Much content

Advertising Agency: Brother, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Creative Director: Freddy Montero...see more →

Montecable Print ads

Montecable: Your favourite something channel

"Your favourite tennis channel Your favourite wedding channel Your favourite music channel Your...see more →

National Geographic TV & Film ads

National Geographic celebrate upcoming of smart and entertaining shows

To celebrate our upcoming lineup of smart and entertaining shows, we found inspiration in American...see more →

BBC TV & Film ads

BBC Radio 4: 4 in Four

Advertising Agency: Red Bee Media, London, UK Creative Director: Dan Moore / Copywriter: Simon...see more →

La Republica
La Republica Print ads

La Republica: One side is not enough. Real news are the complete news.

Client: La Republica One side is not enough. Real news are the complete news. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

Penguin Audiobooks print
Penguin Print ads

Penguin Audiobooks: Stories the way you used to hear them.

Stories the way you used to hear them. Client: Penguin Audiobooks Advertising Agency:Y&R...see more →

La Republica print ads
La Republica Print ads

La Republica: The only real news are the complete news.

The only real news are the complete news. Advertising Agency: Tribal 121, Lima, Peru Creative...see more →

Bright House Networks TV & Film ads

Bright House Networks: a young boy’s quest to win the heart of a girl

The story of a young boy’s quest to win the heart of a girl. Advertising Agency: PP+K, USA...see more →

Teleclub outdoor ads
Teleclub Outdoor ads

Teleclub: We won't ruin your movie. No commercial breaks.

We won't ruin your movie. No commercial breaks. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland...see more →