Public interest Ads

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Childhood Eye Cancer Trust
Childhood Eye Cancer Trust Outdoor ads

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust: Flash photography

Flash photography is one of the easiest ways to detect a life-threatening eye cancer called...see more →

Sanctuary Asia
Sanctuary Asia Print ads

Sanctuary Asia: When the wood go, wildlife goes.

When the wood go, wildlife goes. Creative Director / Art Director: Ganesh Prasad Acharya...see more →

Red Cross TV & Film ads

Redcross: Another Christmas Carol

Client: Red Cross Sweden Advertising Agency: Le bureau, Sweden Director / Illustration: Björn...see more →

Hemorio: Donate Blood. Save Lives.
Hemorio Print ads

Hemorio: Donate Blood. Save Lives.

Donate Blood. Save Lives. Advertising Agency:Binder, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director:...see more →

Ecovia Print ads

Ecovia: A trap here throws everything off balance.

Advertising Agency:Terremoto Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil Creative Director:Ricardo Gandolfi / Art...see more →

Surfers Against Sewage
Surfers Against Sewage Print ads

Surfers Against Sewage: beach clean near you

Advertising Agency:Hopkins & Jackson, London, United Kingdom Creative Director:Gareth Hopkins, ...see more →

World AIDS Day Online ads


Creative Directors: Oliver Drost, Christian Thron Art Director: Burkhard Müller / Designers: Robin...see more →

World AIDS Day ads
World AIDS Day Print ads

World AIDS Day: Use the condom

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kiev, Ukraine Associate Creative Director: Nadia Trikoz / ...see more →

Antena 1 Ambient ads

Antena 1: missing the red component from the screen's RGB colours!

The BAD News Romania is the European country with the most critical need for blood donors. But at...see more →

White Bim print ad
White Bim Print ads

White Bim: Not million dollar love

Client: White Bim animal shelter Advertising Agency: Openeyes DDB, Almaty, Kazakhstan Creative...see more →

Pro-Natura print ad
Pro-Natura Print ads

Pro-Natura: Destruction of forests is a destruction of life.

Destruction of forests is a destruction of life. Advertising Agency: Alazraki Network, Mexico...see more →

diaTribe Foundation print ad
diaTribe Foundation Print ads

diaTribe Foundation: World Diabetes Day

November 14 is World Diabetes Day (WDD). Advertising Agency: Area 23, USA Creatives: Andy Gerchak, ...see more →

Paraná Print ads

Parana: Prank calls hurt those who most need help.

Prank calls hurt those who most need help. Client: State Government of Paraná Advertising Agency: ...see more →

Road Safety Advisory Council TV & Film ads

Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council: Thank You For Sharing

Whether you walk, drive a car, ride a bicycle or motorbike (or all four!) we want you to join us as...see more →

UNHATE Foundation
UNHATE Foundation Print ads

UNHATE Foundation: Untouchables

Advertising Agency: Fabrica, Treviso, Italy Creative Director:Erik Ravelo / Copywriter:Erik Ravelo...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: give something special for Christmas: Freedom

see the work at This year, give something special for Christmas: Freedom...see more →

Ministry of Women's Rights
Ministry of Women's Rights Print ads

Ministry of Women's Rights: domestic violence

In 2013, domestic violence has claimed the lives of 121 women in France. Advertising School: Saint...see more →

UNICEF Online ads

Sing IMAGINE with your favourite stars & John Lennon | UNICEF

Advertising Agency: Matter Unlimited, New York, USA see more →

United Students Against Sweatshops print ad
United Students Against Sweatshops Print ads

United Students Against Sweatshops: 50 CENTS

"The third world waiges paid by first world brands. Find out more at" Advertising Agency:...see more →

Red Solidaria
Red Solidaria Print ads

Red Solidaria: The city is also your home, please don't ignore them.

The city is also your home, please don't ignore them. Advertising School: Brother Ad School,...see more →