The Bureau: The Burn Room

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The Burn Room

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In 1962, one covert group stood as the first and only defense against outside threats. From the shadows, The Bureau defended the world, protected humanity and erased the truth. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified trailer

Advertising Agency: Team One, USA

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves / Executive Creative Director: Alastair Green / Associate Creative Director: Phil Henson
Copywriter: Patrick O'Rourke / Art Director: Sean Lockhart / Executive Producer: Sam Walsh
Producer: Jenny Valladares / Production: Recommended Media / Director: Henry Hobson / EP: Phillip Detchmendy
Line Producer: Trevor Jones / DP: Adam Kimmel / Edit: Gabe Diaz / VFX: The Mill / EP: Stephen Venning
Producer: Jessica Ambrose / Nuke: Victor Duncan, Zack Cole / CG: John Leonti, Tom Graham, Tim Hanson
Color: The Mill / Colorist: Adam Scott / Sound Design / Composition: Robot Repair / Creative Director: Douglas Darnell
Composer: Kael Alden / Stock Music: Pump Audio Music Licensing

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