Canada Ads

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Honda ads
Honda Print ads

Honda: Can see a problem before

Our Honda technicians can see a problem before it becomes one. Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary AB...see more →

Valin Custom Tailoring Ambient ads

Valin Custom Tailoring: Whatever Your Shape

Client: Valin Custom Tailoring Advertising Agency: Lg2 Quebec, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du...see more →

McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's Big Mac Glow

To share the joy of the holidays, a McDonald's Big Mac was built using festive...see more →

Adidas TV & Film ads

Made by girls, for girls

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Canada Director: Melina Matsoukas / Executive Creative Director: Dave...see more →

G Adventures TV & Film ads

What will you do today, for tomorrow?

"What will you do today, for tomorrow?" It's an important question, and not one to take lightly....see more →

McDonalds advertisement
McDonald's Print ads

The hunt isn't over yet.

"The hunt isn’t over yet." Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montréal, Canada Chief Creative Officers:...see more →

Edmonton Literacy Coalition ads
Edmonton Literacy Coalition Print ads

Reading shouldn't be a guessing game

Reading shouldn't be a guessing game Advertising Agency: Berlin Advertising and Public Relations,...see more →

McDonald's Online ads

McDonald's new Spicy Thai McBistro sandwich

The new commercial for the Spicy Thai McBistro Chicken Sandwich, every bite is spicier than the...see more →

Rashers print
Rashers Print ads

Rashers: Dash & Dine

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Toronto, Canada Client: Rashers see more →

Corona TV & Film ads

Corona: Live Mas Fina

Conventional wisdom on how to live is flawed. And if there is a single, undeniable truth about life...see more →

Purina ads
Purina Print ads

Purina: At least some dreams come true

At least some dreams come true. Purina Fancy Feast. Advertising School: Humber College, Toronto,...see more →

Napa Autopro ads
Napa Print ads

Make sure it remains just a warning

Make sure it remains just a warning. Advertising Agency: BCP Montreal, Canada Creative Directors:...see more →

Fiat ads
Fiat Print ads

There are enough angry faces

There are enough angry faces on the road.Drive friendly. Advertising School:...see more →

Toronto Crime Stoppers
Toronto Crime Stoppers Print ads

Toronto Crime Stoppers: Every cop in the city will be there

The perfect night to commit a crime. Every cop in the city will be there. Advertising Agency: DDB...see more →

Adidas Online ads

Adidas: unite all Originals

A-Trak and So Me clash talents and sample lives to bring in a new style for adidas Originals. For...see more →

After Bite print ads
After Bite Print ads

After Bite: the business end of a hatchet

"Relieves every itch except the one on your trigger finger. / When the only relief around is the...see more →

Canon print ads
Canon Print ads

Canon: 400mm f2.8L IS II Lens

400mm f2.8L IS II Lens Advertising School: Mohawk College, Hamilton ON, Canada Art Director: ...see more →

samsung ads
Samsung Print ads

Canada’s greatest passion

Hockey's back. Stay connected to Canada’s greatest passion with the Samsung Galaxy S III....see more →

Dove Online ads

Women Who Should be Famous

This video launched the Dove Self Esteem Fund "Women Who Should be Famous" program in the US and...see more →

Visa ads
Visa Print ads

Visa Infinite check your wallet

check your wallet for a world of infinite music/dining/concierge possibilities Advertising Agency...see more →