Turkey Ads

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Smart Print ads

smart: Be lucky, be smart.

Be lucky, be smart. Advertising Agency: Alice BBDO, İstanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Derya...see more →

Volkswagen Online ads

Volkswagen: The Lovemark Campaign

Advertising Agency: Likeable Istanbul, Turkey Operations Director: Dilay Coban  Creative...see more →

Duracell ads
Duracell Print ads

Duracell: Lasts up to 10 times longer.

Lasts up to 10 times longer. Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey Creative...see more →

Durex Online ads

Durex: the relationship between a man and his right hand

 This viral is about the relationship between a man and his right hand, aka Elizabeth. Advertising...see more →

Audi Q5 print ads
Audi Print ads

Audi Q5: Rearview camera standard

Advertising Agency: DDB&Co., Istanbul, Turkey Executive Creative Director:...see more →

OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: Dirt makes good stories.

Dirt makes good stories. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Can Faga / ...see more →

Tefal TV & Film ads

Tefal: Pro Express Total

Tefal's new product Pro Express Total has a great feature: The Auto Control Smart...see more →

Siemens iQ800 Dish Washer
Siemens Print ads

Siemens: dish washers with flexible shelves

If your teapot doesn't bend. Siemens iQ800 dish washers with flexible shelves. Advertising Agency...see more →

Philips print
Philips Print ads

Philips: Squeeze out till the last drop

Squeeze out till the last drop Advertising Agency: Yirmiyedi, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: ...see more →

Kekemelodi Outdoor ads

Kekemelodi: Stuttering Therapy Classes

Advertising Agency: DDB&CO, Turkey Typographer: Cagin Ilterman / Account Manager: Deniz...see more →

Capital Radio
Capital Radio Print ads

Capital Radio: The musical story

Advertising Agency: Grey, İstanbul, Turkey Executive Creative Directors: Ergin Binyıldız, Engin...see more →

Lezita ads
Lezita Print ads

Lezita - chicken nugget for kids

Here comes the train!Train shaped chicken nugget for kids. Advertising Agency: McCann İstanbul,...see more →

Pera Boya
Pera Boya Print ads

Pera Boya:Scratch Resistant Wood Protector

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Istanbul, Turkey Chief Creative Officer: Ilkay Gurpinar / Creative...see more →

Gulaylar.com Print ads

Gulaylar.com: One click changes the story

One click changes the story. Advertising Agency: BigBang Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Creative...see more →

Bike My World
Bike My World Print ads

Bike My World: It's not about self confidence

It’s not about self confidence. Advertising Agency: BigBang Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Creative...see more →

Turkcell ads
Turkcell Print ads

Turkcell: that career is here

Client: Turkcell Global Bilgi (Leader Call Center Of Turkey) "If that career goal on your mind as...see more →

Vodafone ads
Vodafone Print ads

Vodafone: What's around me?

Technology for the farmers. Where are you? I don't know, where are you?"What's around me?"...see more →

Parex ads
Parex Print ads

Parex: Extra strong sponge

“Extra strong sponge that makes difference in dishwashing.” Advertising Agency: BigBang Istanbul,...see more →

Vanish ads
Vanish Print ads

Valentine's Day memories

Let the Valentine's Day memories stay only on your mind. Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Stop unlawful detentions

Your word to stop unlawful detentions Advertising Agency: GREY, Istanbul, Turkey Creative...see more →