DEVK Insurance: How do you explain that to your Insurance company?

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Our idea played with the typical fan cam on the the big screen during halftime. While the audience saw fans as usual on the screen, we cut to pre-produced small ads that purported to be a real-life incident in the l stands - followed by: "How do you explain that to your Insurance company?...Just call!". This innovative use of a well known and quite static medium spread rapidly throughout the web and recieved media coverage - from Japan to Brazil.

case video:

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany

Creative Directors: Christoph Stricker, Thomas Dempewolf / Art Director: Matthias Preuss / Copywriters: Tim Bange, Joshua Mackowiak / Chief Creative Officer: Ralf Heuel / Managing partner: Thomas Eickhoff
Group Head Creation: Mathias Lamken / Agency supervisor: Julia Wilhelm / Agency producers: Judith Uhrlau, Henriette Ahrens / Production company: COBBLESTONE / Executive Producer: Philipp Schmalriede / Junior Producer: Daniel Mittwede / Production Assistant: Svenja Widegreen / Director: Jonas Arnby / DOP: Niels Thastum / Editor: Moe Bakhshipour

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