TV / Film Ads

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Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone Australia "Your rules, your network"

Your rules, your network. Vodafone is at your command. The advertisement, which was published with...see more →

Kia TV / Film ads

Kia "The Features Film" by David & Goliath

The short film, produced by the David & Goliath creative agency, starts from...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda "Be Moved Again" by Sid Lee

Honda invites the European public to feel again sensations that were lost after months of...see more →

Nissan TV / Film ads

Nissan introduced its new logo

Nissan introduced its new logo with the launch of its new electric car, Nissan...see more →

Cupra TV / Film ads

The new global advertising campaign for Cupra Formentor

The advertising agency &Rosàs signs the new global advertising campaign for Cupra, with FC...see more →

Lamborghini TV / Film ads

The iconic sound of Lamborghini engines

Covid-19 has forced millions of people into their homes and left as many cars locked into the...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

"The Great Meal" - the new Coca-Cola advertising campaign

The Coca-Cola company has launched a new global advertising campaign "The Great Meal"...see more →

Babybel TV / Film ads

Babybel cheese fight against junk food "Join the Goodness"

To promote change and encourage consumers to eat better, Babybel creates in her new...see more →

Inspired by Iceland TV / Film ads

Come and Be Inspired by Iceland

Iceland decided to launch a campaign to attract tourists and it wants to be the first among the...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda Moto "Ride your dreams"

In this new campaign signed by DDB Paris, Honda exposes the life and journey of a...see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel "Francesca" by Publicis Italy

In its new 1 minute 57 advertising spot entitled "Francesca" and directed by François Rousselet,...see more →

Boyner TV / Film ads

Boyner "Happy Father's Day"

Boyner celebrates the Father's Day of our heroic fathers, who prepare, protect and guide us, with...see more →

Banabi TV / Film ads

Banabi "Spoil Yourself" with Safiye Soyman and Faik Ozturk

Banabi, the service of Yemeksepeti, which has been in operation since 2019 and has...see more →

Air Wick TV / Film ads

Air Wick "Brains in Bloom" a mesmerizing experience

In the midst of quarantine, it has been difficult for some companies to find the best way to...see more →

Volvo TV / Film ads

Volvo cars with an AED: Volvo Lifesaver

In the Netherlands, civilian rescuers start 17,000 resuscitations every year before the ambulance...see more →

Three Bears TV / Film ads

Because Three Bears is better than one

Fedoriv Agency has created a new strategy, positioning and developed a new identity for the "Three...see more →

Zespri TV / Film ads

Zespri renews its brand image

Zespri has decided to modify its slogan, its logo, and even create and incorporate...see more →

Volkswagen TV / Film ads

Volkswagen "Here" by DDB Paris, France

Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris. In...see more →

Burger King TV / Film ads

Burger King "Just in case Whopper"

In these crazy times, Burger King wants to make sure you can always get a Whopper, even when fire...see more →

Dove TV / Film ads

Dove #MyHairMyWay - All New Hairstyles

The quarantine was not only a heavy period. For some, the weeks spent at home were an opportunity...see more →

Polestar TV / Film ads

Polestar 2 "The Human Car"

In Acne's latest commercials for the Swedish electric car brand and the model Polestar 2, the...see more →

The North Face TV / Film ads

The North Face "Change The Face Of It"

Panty Wall. Smell Of A Fat Chick. Girlfriend Skiing. Lady Wildcats. These are not just some random...see more →

Intermarché TV / Film ads

Intermarché "I want to be with you"

For the past 2 months, French grocery chain Intermarché has, like others throughout the world, been...see more →

Yerka TV / Film ads

Yerka "IT WORKS" by Baden-Württemberg Film Academy

A fun spot signed by students from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy for the...see more →

Spotify TV / Film ads

Spotify #ScreenOutLoud

Spotify is a #1 music streaming choice amongst millennials in the U.S. But while...see more →

PSG TV / Film ads

Yard releases "Le Jardin" - Paris Saint-Germain's U19 Players

Yard Releases ‘Le Jardin’, Documentary Exploring the Training, Pressure, and Struggles that...see more →

Mentos TV / Film ads

Mentos Smoothies "Made from Awesome"

Advertising Agency: Isobar, Sydney, Australia General Manager: Thomas Tearle Creative Directors:...see more →

Lincoln TV / Film ads

Lincoln Motors "Life. Mastered."

Advertised brand: Lincoln Motors Advert title(s): Life. Mastered....see more →

Mazda TV / Film ads


Mazda x Spotify set you up for some badly needed peace and quiet and uplifting...see more →

The Warehouse TV / Film ads

The Warehouse "Teddy Bear"

Stay safe, we can't wait to see you again. The little plush friend is probably the symbol of home...see more →

Orange TV / Film ads

Orange #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation

Orange launches #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation to allow seniors in France to...see more →

Doritos TV / Film ads

Doritos "The Last Doritos"

If you’ve tried recently tried lacing a grocery delivery order, you may have discovered that the...see more →

World Health Organization #Covid19Tales "Stay home, change the ending."
World Health Organization TV / Film ads

World Health Organization #Covid19Tales "Stay home, change the ending."

Despite the fact that in some parts of the world, because of the coronavirus epidemic, they...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser #OneTeam by David

In uncertain times, there’s one thing that remains certain: we are #OneTeam.  Let’s come together...see more →

Anais Association #IsolateViolence by Cheil ad agency
Anais Association TV / Film ads

Anais Association #IsolateViolence by Cheil ad agency

Don't let domestic violence increase during social distancing. Through social distance, the spread...see more →

PKBI TV / Film ads

M&C Saatchi warns against turning a blind eye to child marriage #StopChildMarriage

It all begins perfectly innocently. A little girl happily jumps on a large bed. Then, after just a...see more →

Hyundai TV / Film ads

Hyundai "This is how you dare" by B-Reel

What does it look like when you don't settle? When you push past the expected? Introducing the all-...see more →

Horizon TV / Film ads

Horizon "Down and Out Kidney" by Area 23

Down and Out Kidney features an immersive animated video that casts the kidney as...see more →

BMW TV / Film ads

BMW "Sometimes Electric. Always BMW." by FCB Inferno, London

More and more people are considering going electric with their next car purchase. Whilst some...see more →

The Israeli Presidential Office TV / Film ads

The Israeli Presidential Office "Don't Just Stand By"

Publicis Israel and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi present:“Don’t Just Stand By” Here...see more →

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