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Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"
Greenpeace Outdoor ads

Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"

Client: Greenpeace It’s only when something is gone that we realise how much we...see more →

McDonald's "My McFlurry. Imagine yours."
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's "My McFlurry. Imagine yours."

Imagine your own McFlurry with your favorite toppings. My McFlurry. Imagine yours. Client: ...see more →

McDonald's "Office - Library - Hospital"
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's / Mc Café "Office - Library - Hospital"

Advertised brand: Mc Donald's Advert title(s): Office - Library - Hospital...see more →

Movimento SuperAção Outdoor ads

Movimento SuperAção "Sidewalk Is Wall"

According to the latest census, published by IBGE in 2010, more than 45 million people stated that...see more →

Renault Outdoor ads

Renault "DisCO2unt Billboard"

Renault has recently implemented a failed advertising campaign for its electric model Zoe in the...see more →

McDonald's "the dishes that wanted to be from McDonald's"
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's "the dishes that wanted to be from McDonald's"

It is creative, beautiful, minimalist ... it has impact. These are seemingly understaffed dishes,...see more →

Coca-Cola "open, taste, recycle with us"
Coca-Cola Outdoor ads

Coca-Cola "open, taste, recycle with us"

Research about consumers’ behavior shows that separate collection goes up by 141% just by making...see more →

Haagen-Dazs "The Beard Bib"
Haagen-Dazs Outdoor ads

Haagen-Dazs "The Beard Bib" by VMLY&R

Many men with beards avoid eating ice cream in public to avoid the embarrassment of a messy beard....see more →

Amtrak "90 minutes for whatever"
Amtrak Outdoor ads

Amtrak "90 minutes for whatever"

90 minutes for whatever The posters, designed to feel like a living, breathing sculpture,...see more →

Mastercard "Mastercard ID Check"
MasterCard Outdoor ads

Mastercard "Mastercard ID Check"

With the PSD2 revisions under way and the SCA mandates about to go live, biometric authentication...see more →

Tyrolit Outdoor ads


A billboard site in Viennas posh first district, where design conscious urban professionals pass by...see more →

Pacifico Outdoor ads

Pacifico "Safety Waves"

Pacífico beer wanted to get beachgoers in Mexico on the same wavelength as experienced locals. That...see more →

Honda "Monkey - Immaturity at its best"
Honda Outdoor ads

Honda "Monkey - Immaturity at its best"

Client: Honda Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev...see more →

Fox Channel Outdoor ads

Fox Channel "The Passage"

“The Passage”: Fox Channel brings posters vulnerable to sunlight to the streets  In partnership...see more →

Brit "Fat cats get no respect"
Brit Outdoor ads

Brit "Fat cats get no respect" by VMLY&R

Client: Brit Weight Control Cat Food Fat cats get no respect Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Paris...see more →

Condor Airlines "Fly to USA in 3, 6, or 12 payments"
Condor Airlines Outdoor ads

Condor Airlines "Fly to USA in 3, 6, or 12 payments"

Condor Airlines has a long tradition in bringing its customers to dream holiday...see more →

Reckitt Benckiser "New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony"
Reckitt Benckiser Outdoor ads

Reckitt Benckiser "New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony"

Client:  Reckitt Benckiser New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony. Speeds her up and slows him down....see more →

Aeromexico "Over any wall"
Aeromexico Outdoor ads

Aeromexico "Over any wall"

Before Trump's speeches threatening to build a wall among Mexico and the USA, Aeroméxico, the...see more →

Todo Útil "Anti Mess"
Todo Útil Outdoor ads

Todo Útil "Anti Mess"

Every morning after a party, before opening the family's business or simply having our home ready...see more →

Reinserta "Thousands of mexican children are born in prison"
Reinserta Outdoor ads

Reinserta "Thousands of mexican children are born in prison"

In Mexico there are thousands of women in prison. Many of them are pregnant or have their children...see more →

Mundo Pet "Everything for who makes you happier"
Mundo Pet Outdoor ads

Mundo Pet "Everything for who makes you happier"

Client: Mundo Pet Everything for who makes you happier. A pet, no matter their species, fills the...see more →

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"
Safe Road Fundation Outdoor ads

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"

Client: Safe Road Foundation unplug, while you're on the road Observation - Nowadays many people...see more →

Sinteplast "Save the Colours of Nature"
Sinteplast Outdoor ads

Sinteplast "Save the Colours of Nature" by VMLY&R

Client:  Sinteplast Eco Paint Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Buenos Aires, Argentina General...see more →

Bad Boy
Bad Boy Outdoor ads

Bad Boy "Thankfully, wines get better with age"

So here’s to responsible voting and responsible drinking. Right before the President’s elections in...see more →

Hyundai print ads
Hyundai Outdoor ads

Hyundai "Reach where internet doesn't."

Reach where internet doesn't. Client: Hyundai Advertising Agency:Quiltros, Santiago, Chile...see more →

Colgate Outdoor ads

Colgate "Only your Smile Should Be 21 Forever"

We show how ridiculous adults can be when they try too hard to look young. While growing old is...see more →

KFC ads
KFC Outdoor ads

KFC "Chicken X-Rays" by PS21

Real Chicken *Real radiography made in Madrid on 5/30/18. Spanish people cared about food quality...see more →

Educachorro Outdoor ads

Educachorro "Love Hurts. Training treats." by Agência UM

Client: Educachorro Animal Training Love Hurts. Training treats. We love our pets. They are fluffy...see more →

Toyota Billboard
Toyota Outdoor ads

Toyota: "Charges while you drive"

Charges while you drive Client: Toyota Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi...see more →

Cristal Outdoor ads

Cristal "Embrace the spirit of the match."

Embrace the spirit of the match. Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Peru Client: Cristal Executive...see more →

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"
Glamour World Outdoor ads

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"

Rocket oil is an aphrodisiac that helps men rise above their expectation and perform adequately. It...see more →

Kasturba Hospital
Kasturba Hospital Outdoor ads

Kasturba Hospital against obesity and fattiness

Client: Kasturba Hospital Stop feeding fat. Start eating right. Stop slurping fat. Start drinking...see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Outdoor ads

PETA: "Prisoner of SeaWorld" by Nim Shapira

Collapsed Fins. Broken Teeth. Tiny Cell. Prisoner of SeaWorld. Don’t Go! Advertising Agency:...see more →

McDonald's: "Say no more."
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: "Say no more." by TBWA

Say no more. Advertising Agency: TBWA, San Juan, Puerto Rico Client: ...see more →

Samaritans Outdoor ads

Samaritans: "When life is tought, we're here to listen." by Mother

When life is tought, we're here to listen. Advertising Agency: Mother, London, United Kingdom...see more →

Womanizer Outdoor ads

Womanizer "Scream Your Own Name"

Scream Your Own Name Advertising Agency: The Garden, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Shane...see more →

Cadbury Creme Egg
Cadbury Outdoor ads

Cadbury Creme Egg around London's Waterloo Station

Client: Cadbury Creme Egg Advertising Agency: ELVIS, London, UK...see more →

CARE: They share everything
CARE International Outdoor ads

CARE International: They share everything

They share everything. Including hunger, They go to sleep together. With hunger that is....see more →

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"
NZ Transport Agency Outdoor ads

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"

New Zealand authorities have recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of...see more →

Save The Children Outdoor ads

Save the Children: Would you walk 6A's route to get to school?

Would you walk 6A’s route to get to school? This bus-wrap for Save the Children demonstrates how...see more →