Burger King / Online
WEBTOON / Online
Nike / Print
Nike "Share The Pain"
WWF / Print
WWF: single battery can contaminate 167,000 liters of water
Anxiety and Depression Association of America / Print
ADAA "Beautiful, until you see the struggle"
Netflix / Outdoor
Netflix "For the Extroverts"
Honda / TV / Film
Designer Parfums / TV / Film
The Book of Man / Online
The Book of Man "Sound the Excuse"
Intermarché / TV / Film
United Nations / TV / Film
Pepsi / TV / Film
King Arthur Baking Company / TV / Film
Best Friend Forever / Online
Best Friend Forever
Lego / Integrated
Lego Models of United Nations
Change the Ref / TV / Film
Eisenbahn / TV / Film
Hermès / TV / Film
Adidas / Online
Martin-Pouret / Integrated
Martin-Pouret ads
Mediterranean Towers / TV / Film
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's print ads
Alcaldía de Guayaquil / Print
Alcaldía de Guayaquil "Your hands are dangerous. Wash them."
Good Max / Print
Good Max "Bearded"
KFC / Integrated
PlayStation / TV / Film
ZOYA / Print
ZOYA "Make Your Choice"
Samsung / TV / Film
Women Moving Millions / TV / Film
Burger King / Print
Burger King "Whopper and nothing but the Whopper" ads
Diesel / TV / Film
Penguin / Integrated
Penguin "Naked Books" ads
Her Street / Integrated
Honda / TV / Film
Divino Mestre School / Print
Divino Mestre School "They don't need masks"
OUIGO / TV / Film
Google + HMCT / Print
Google + HMCT "Play The Protest"
Connect for Climate / Online
Bethany Adoption Services / Print
Bethany Adoption Services "Raised Right"
Banco Itau / Print
Banco Itaú "Writing is living forever"
Citroen / TV / Film
Correio da Bahia Newspaper / Print
Correio da Bahia Newspaper "Wear your mask properly"
Vans / Online
Vans "Off The Road"
Galil Mountain Winery / TV / Film
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "Happy Moving Day"
Mucinex / Print
Mucinex "Back to normal is up to you"
Platinum Guild of India / Print
Platinum Guild of India "Celebrate Heartbreak"
The New York Times / TV / Film

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