SpeakUpAfrica / Print
Yard "Cool Notices"
Honda / Print
Honda ads
ESPN / Outdoor
ESPN "All day, everyday"
Lay's / Print
Lay's "The Lay's Ending"
Dove / TV / Film
IRCTC / Ambient
IRCTC "One destination, countless journeys."
Sea You Tomorrow / Print
Sea You Tomorrow "Masks Alive" by Columbus Agency Thailand
Jeep / Print
Jeep ads
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's ads
The New York Times / Online
Fujifilm / Print
Fujifilm print ad
+PEACE / Integrated
+PEACE ads
Spotify / Ambient
Spotify "Trojan Jammers"
The North Face / Online
IKEA / Print
IKEA Russia
MARWIN / Print
MARWIN #readvscovid
Polestar / TV / Film
The North Face / TV / Film
Spotify / Integrated
Spotify Sign-In
Intermarché / TV / Film
Whiskas / Direct Marketing
Whiskas "Curiosity Boxes"
LeYa / Print
LeYa "Escape the lockdown"
Mucinex / Print
Mucinex "Staying in isn't exciting, but it saves lives."
CityMobil / Online
CityMobil codes for delivery and taxi cab rides
Yerka / TV / Film
Spotify / TV / Film
IKEA / Integrated
Fathers Wine / Print
PSG / TV / Film
The North Face / Integrated
The North Face "Wherever. Together."
Spotify / Ambient
Spotify "Spotify Match"
Heinz / Integrated
Heinz "Ketchup Puzzle - Contest"
Ciments Calcia / Print
Ciments Calcia
Bankia / Print
Bankia focus on the wishes of their customers
McDonald's / Integrated
Mentos / TV / Film
ESPN / Print
American Express / Integrated
American Express present: HOME COUTURE
Lincoln / TV / Film
Mazda / TV / Film
The Warehouse / TV / Film
Cologne Zoo / Print
Cologne Zoo "See animals like never before"
Burger King / Integrated
WWF / Print
WWF "Let's stop the traffic"
Rabitabank / Online
Rabitabank "Make your payments non-cash"
World Vision / Print
World Vision: "We Won't Stay Home" by Steve
GQ Apparel / Ambient
GQ Limited Distance Edition
Ford / Online

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