Advertising Agency: Lowe

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Sunlight - Planets
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight - Planets

Advertising Agency: MullenLowe, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Emrah Akay / Art Director:...see more →

Little red riding hood & Tom Sawyer
Colsubsidio Libraries Print ads

Colsubsidio Libraries: We all have something someone else needs

Advertised brand: COLSUBSIDIO LIBRARIES Advert title(s): EXCHANGES Headline and copy text: We all...see more →

Lenovo Print ads

Lenovo: Listen to music, study, work and play

Advertising Agency: Lowe Peru CEO: Cesar Benavides / Creative Directors: Lea Raggio, Santiago...see more →

GWK TV / Film ads

GWK: This Man Is Building A Rocket

Advertising Agency: Lowe and Partners, South Africa Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford / Art...see more →

JetBlue Online ads

JetBlue: Flying it forward

"Flying it Forward" is a social initiative where a free JetBlue ticket is passed...see more →

Scrabble TV / Film ads

Scrabble "Anagram Christmas"

How to change negative things into positive ones this Christmas. This amazing new Scrabble film...see more →

JetBlue TV / Film ads

JetBlue: #NYCTakeoff

Only a real New Yorker could pull this off. 5 boroughs. 181 ads worth stealing. Advertising Agency...see more →

Scrabble TV / Film ads

Scrabble "Anagram Lovers"

What happens when a pineapple and an apple pie meet each other? Discover it in the new Scrabble...see more →

U.S. Navy Online ads

U.S. Navy’s Cryptology & Technology Facebook page

Project Architeuthis is a cryptology game that was activated on the U.S. Navy’s...see more →

U.S. Navy TV / Film ads

U.S. Navy: Pin Map

Advertising Agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald, USA Executive Creative Director: Curtis Melville / ...see more →

OMO TV / Film ads

OMO: Xuan Gan Ket, Tet Se Chia

Advertising Agency: Lowe Singapore, Singapore Creative Director: Erick Rosa / Senior Art Director: ...see more →

Banco Cencosud TV / Film ads

Banco Cencosud: Santa was here

Advertising AgencyLowe Yaku, Lima, Peru General Creative...see more →

KFC TV / Film ads

KFC - le bucket de Tenders

Lowe France has designed this film entitled "Like father like son," featuring a bucket Tenders an...see more →

Rinso Print ads

Rinso: Play for real. Dirt is good.

Play for real. Dirt is good. Advertising Agency:Lowe & Partners, Jakarta, Indonesia Chief...see more →

Neo Rheumacyl
Neo Rheumacyl Print ads

Neo Rheumacyl: Fight the pain.

Fight the pain. Product: Neo Rheumacyl Advertising Agency: LOWE Indonesia,...see more →

IKEA Print ads

IKEA: Be prepared this PrideFest

Advertising Agency: 303LOWE, Perth, Australia Creative Director: Richard Berney / Creatives: Scott...see more →

Bango print
Bango Print ads

Anything tastes delicious with Bango

Anything tastes delicious with Bango. Advertising Agency:Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia Chief Creative...see more →

Lenovo TV / Film ads


Advertising Agency: DLKW Lowe, USA Executive Creative Directors: Dave Henderson, Richard Denney / ...see more →

Red Cross
Red Cross Print ads

Red Cross: you can also donate

After a year you can also donate. Advertising Agency: Publimark Lowe & Partners, San José,...see more →

Axe print ads
Axe Print ads

Axe: That special something some people have.

That special something some people have. Product: Axe Black Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos...see more →

OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: Dirt makes good stories.

Dirt makes good stories. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Can Faga / ...see more →

MilkPEP Print ads

MilkPEP: Start your day with the power of protein

What 8 grams of protein looks like when you're breaking the laws of physics. Start your day with...see more →

Signal Sensitive Toothpaste
Signal Print ads

Signal Sensitive Toothpaste: When pain strikes

When pain strikes. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Dominic Stallard /...see more →

Sunlight Liquid Detergent
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Separate them

Separate them. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Bangkok, Thailand Global Creative Director: Basil Mina /...see more →

Breeze Washing Detergent
Breeze Outdoor ads

Breeze: Today's stains are complex

Today's stains are complex. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Dominic...see more →

OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: Dirt is Good 2

Dirt is Good Advertising Agency: Lowe, Cape Town, South Africa Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford...see more →

Anador print
Anador Print ads

Anador: No room for headaches

No room for headaches Advertising Agency: Borghi/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

Pepsodent print ads
Pepsodent Print ads

Pepsodent: Reaches impossible places

Reaches impossible places. Advertising Agency: Borghi/Lowe, Brazil Global Creative Director:...see more →

Colsubsidio Book Exchange print ads
Colsubsidio Print ads

Colsubsidio: Come with a story

Client: Colsubsidio Book Exchange Come with a story and leave with another. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Cape Town Fish Market print ads
Cape Town Fish Market Print ads

Cape Town Fish Market: what the babysitter's up to?

Who knows what the babysitter's up to? That's why we have a kid's menu. Client: The Cape Town Fish...see more →

Colsubsidio print ads
Colsubsidio Print ads

Colsubsidio: Audiobooks For All Kids

Client: Colsubsidio Audiobooks For Kids Advertising Agency: Lowe SSP3, Colombia Executive Creative...see more →

For a Better Life in Prague TV / Film ads

For a Better Life in Prague: Keep the City Clean

"Be Cool. Keep the City Clean." Advertising Agency: Lowe Prague, Czech Republic Executive Creative...see more →

Axe ads
Axe Print ads

Axe Deodorant Effect

"She was just another one." Advertising Agency: Lowe MENA, Dubai, UAE see more →

Colsubsidio print ads
Colsubsidio Print ads

Woof Meow English Courses

Advertising Agency: Lowe-SSP3, Bogota, Colombia Chief Creative Officer: Jose Miguel Sokoloff /...see more →

The Post Internazionale ads
The Post Internazionale Print ads

Inside foreign affairs

Inside foreign affairs. Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Rome, Italy Creative Directors...see more →

OMO ads
OMO Print ads

OMO Splash

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Vietnam Executive Creative Director: Chris Catchpole / Art...see more →

Anador print
Anador Print ads

Anador: a headache like this

You’re still gonna have a headache like this. Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo,...see more →

OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: Real adventures

"Mud teaches more than carpet ever could Bravery isn't learnt in front of the telly Real adventures...see more →

Amnesty International print ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: 40 years of democracy

This campaign aims to remember the people who were persecuted, tortured and disappeared under the...see more →

Rinso Print ads

Rinso: Colours stay true

Colours stay true Advertising Agency:Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officers:Dominic Stallard, ...see more →