Nissan Kicks Unveils Exciting New Bose Sound System

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

The latest professional ad campaign, 'New Bose Sound System,' launched in Uruguay in August 2023, is aimed at showcasing the superior audio technology in Nissan vehicles. Orchestrated by the renowned advertising agency Camara TBWA, the campaign is designed to elevate the brand's presence in the automotive industry.

This innovative campaign, featuring digital and print media, includes a rich portfolio of three media assets, each thoughtfully created to enhance the user's understanding of Nissan's commitment to quality and performance. The advertising campaign was launched just 10 days ago and is already making waves in the industry.

Directores Generales: Marcelo Debernadi - Santiago Cámara 
Director General Creativo: Gabriel Lista 
Directores Creativos: Brian Jalfon- Pablo Choca- Ernesto Patisson- Diego Centurion- 
Redactor: Facundo Trezza - Leonardo Fernandez Chavez 
Director de arte: Lucas Pereira Damazio - Alejandra Nusa - Caro Faget- Ana Clara Díaz - Luciana Echeverrigaray - Agustina Padilla 
Directores Digitales: Julio Menéndez- Darío Franchi 
Ejecutiva de cuentas: Luciana Pagalday.