Kit Kat: The Final Fifty

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The Limited Edition KIT KAT White was so popular, demand was outweighing supply and they were running out quickly. Our challenge was to make the love for the product outlast the product itself, to promote talkability and awareness of the brand. So we created The Final Fifty: Fifty unique pieces of poster art made entirely from the last fifty bars off the production line. Each one was hand crafted, and signed by renowned illustrator Mike Watt, who used a variety of techniques to turn the melted chocolate from each of the final bars into preserved timeless works of art.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Mark Harricks / Creative Director: John Lam / Art Director / Copywriter: John Koay
Illustrator: Mike Watt / Photographer: Matt Townsley / Director: Jesse Mcelroy / Head of print production: Trent Henderson