Devil & Detail "I teach underprivileged kids how to read"

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Headline: "I teach underprivileged kids how to read"

Tagline: You never look good with bad breath.

No matter how good you are, if you have bad breath, that's all people will see.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson, Hong Kong


Our monsters were first transported from our minds to our sketchbooks. The next step was to bring them to life with computer design modelling, from which we printed 3D models and created miniature plaster cast moulds. Once they were fully formed, we spray painted them and added all the horrible details, like clumps of hair and skin imperfections.


We wanted to capture the visceral, revulsion of bad breath and decided that figures would be more lifelike and disturbing than anything that could be created solely on a computer.

Ecd: Carlos Camacho
CD: Mariano Legnama
CW: Alex Vigdor, Andy Wong, Khlauss Feldhaus, Carlos Camacho, Paddy Omahoney
AD: Marta Carri, Ping Wai Wong, Nando Correa
Photographer: Ale Burset
Retoucher: Diego Speroni