Eurodent "Teeth whitening from 380€"

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

The teeth are so white that they light up all the time and everywhere. It has its advantages, like starting a fire with a magnifying glass but without sun.

The teeth are so white that they light up all the time.
Remember when you were a child? Puting a flashlight under your fingers so they turn orange?
The challenge of this ad was to recreate the same color in the mouth of the model.
We actually put a small but very strong flashlight in her mouth. She had to move the flashlight with her tongue to light up the whole mouth.
We took pictures of every angles and made the final picture. So the color her mouth is actually real.

Advertising Agency: MK, Norway

Client: Eurodent

Creative Director: Ole Kristoffer Dahl Trellevik
Art Director: Cédric Luceau, Reza Behnam
Copywriter: Cédric Luceau
Photography: Francisco Munoz
Typography: Reza Behnam
Retouch: Francisco Munoz