McDonald's "Wh4t3v3r door you'r3_4t" by DDB

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Image advertising:

The Czech McDonald's addressed gamers community in a new advertising campaign with this message: "It doesn't matter in what world you are outside the door, we will deliver food to your home". The network has released print ads in the gamers lingo in which "Whatever door you're at" becomes "Wh4t3v3r door you'r3_4t".

The main message is emphasized by the visual design - the locations of various game worlds are selected for the background. This approach was chosen because, during the game, gamers are immersed in the virtual world for long hours and cannot take a break to go for food. McDelivery promises to deliver the order to any door, no matter where the user is.

Client: McDonald's / McDelivery

Advertising Agency: Ddb, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Lead: Darko Silajdžić
Chief Creative Officer: Radouane Hadj Moussa
Creative Director: Gert Laubscher
Copywriter: Simona Luteránová
Art Director: Chloé Vomscheid
Illustrator: Tomas Muller
Business Director: Nikola Bochová
Account Manager: Jakub Škabrada