Samsung Galaxy Watch "Stop carrying your worst enemy"

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Client: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Obesity has acquired epidemic dyes in the developed world (also in Spain).

In just over a decade, by 2030, 27M Spanish adults, 80% of men and 55% of women, are expected to have obesity or overweight problems.

That's why we wanted to launch a campaign to encourage the public to lead a healthy lifestyle. The first thing was to raise awareness of the fact that these habits depend on oneself. That's why we're going to teach, with a visual campaign, in which the concept conveys that being overweight is an enemy you carry with you.

So we look for a visual metaphor in which we represent characters stereotypes of enemies to show it: A policeman and a thief, where we represent visually that the enemy is literally hanging from you. A graphic that closes with a brand message that aims to empower people to practice an active lifestyle.

Stop carrying your worst enemy

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Madrid, Spain

Executive Creative Director: Joaquin Espagnol
Art Director: Diego Rodríguez, Elena Hernández, Rodrigo Domínguez
Copywriter: Cristina Alonso, Elena Hernández, Rodrigo Domínguez
Creative Director: Ezequiel De Luca, Nicolás Diaco
Client Services Director: Luis Muniz
Account Director: Estefania García Sánchez
Illustrator: Illusion
Photographer: Illusion