Snickers "You sign anything then you are hungry"

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Dear Susan Anderson,

Well, actually, this is a divorce agreement. But calling it health insurance renewal wouldn't be wrong. I am ensuring my health is insured and I lead a life renewed with energy and excitement by soliciting your exit from our marriage.

You hereby declare that you have no rights over my property, bank accounts, jewelry and all other movable and immovable assets. You also voluntarily agree to forego custody of our children. They are better off with me.

By signing this, you agree to have read and understood the terms above and concur to it without any other conditions. You are signing this willfully and without any external influence. This agreement is effective immediately."


Thomas Jones,

In reality, this is your termination letter. But this could also be a bonus letter. Not for you. But for the company. In recognition of your previous performance, we truly stand to gain from your absence.

We are glad to inform you that the company stands to gain US$250,000 this financial year. Co-incidentally, that number matches your total compensation per annum. The management is pleased to show that as profit.

By signing this letter, you agree to forfeit all your benefits, perks and shares in the company. We are thankful for your contribution, if any. And we wish you the very best for a career with another organization. Hopefully, our competitor."

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Shanghai, China

Client: Snickers

Creative Leader: Wai Foong Leong
Writer: Arício Fortes, Mukund Olety
Chief Creative Officer: Arício Fortes
Gcd: Mukund Olety
Art Director: Jianzhong Tam, Kelvin Leong
Creative Director: Jianzhong Tam
Ecd: Kelvin Leong
Acd: Jack Goh
Art Buyer: Lily Yao
Media Agency: MediaCom MediaCom