Volkswagen "Take it all in just one pull"

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Take it all in just one pull.

Volkswagen Trucks. More power and bigger load capacity.

Its large load capacity and lower consumption. Being that they are trucks that can carry a lot in each trip, they achieve the highest efficiency. In each piece of the campaign you can see how the trucks manage to take everything in one go.

Client: Volkswagen

Advertising Agency: Geometry, Argentina

Chief Operating Officer: Tony Waissmann
Executive Creative Director: Claudio Giovanelli Zaia
Creative Directors: Maria Lujan Donaire, Hernan Damilano
Art Director: Gaston Canaves
Copy: Agustin Alba
Account General Director: Georgina Roccatagliata
Account Director: Agostina Luzzi
Executive Director: Sofia Pereyra
Producer: Rolo Lambert
Photographer: Eduardo Wallace
Model Maker: Veronica Arcodacci
Digital Retouch: Esteban Moreira
Client: Ana Laura Zotti

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