Advertising Agency: 72andSunny

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Adidas Online ads

Adidas: Here to create - Hannah Bronfman - Robin Arzon - Caroline Wozniacki

Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles, USA Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole Group Creative...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung For Chrissy Teigen

For Chrissy Teigen, deciding between the pleasure of livestreaming her dog and the work of managing...see more →

Carl's Jr. TV / Film ads

Carl's Jr.: Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

The ultimate comfort food for an uncomfortable morning has arrived. Introducing the Grilled...see more →

Carl's Jr. TV / Film ads

Carl's Jr.: The All-Natural Burger

Charlotte McKinney loves going All-Natural, especially when it comes to her burger in this extended...see more →

Carl's Jr. TV / Film ads

Carl's Jr.: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Everyone loves fresh baked buns, even Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...see more →

Sonos TV / Film ads

Sonos: amazing HiFi sound. Wirelessly

Sonos Your Home  All your music in every room in amazing HiFi sound. Wirelessly.  Advertising...see more →

Target TV / Film ads

TARGET - Save the day with the Justice League

We teamed up with the guys and girls at 72 and Sunny to create this spot as part of their campaign...see more →