Advertising Agency: BETC

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Citroen TV / Film ads

Citroen "Happy Day"

Throughout this year, Citroën plans to present the new Citroën C4, an update of one of its classic...see more →

Ana Paula Moreno Institute
Ana Paula Moreno Institute Online ads

Ana Paula Moreno Institute #FindHope

Human trafficking is the world fastest growing crime, with more than 20 million victims. But many...see more →

Sephora TV / Film ads

Sephora "#TheUnlimitedPowerOfBeauty"

French beauty chain Sephora has launched a new campaign under the headline "The...see more →

Lego TV / Film ads

Lego #RebuildTheWorld

It all starts with a brick. And billions of possibilities. Build. Unbuild. Re-build. Experiment....see more →

Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" by BETC
Evian Integrated ads

Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" #liveyoung

The babies are back to celebrate a new way to #liveyoung. Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France...see more →

Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"
Vanish Print ads

Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"

BETC/Havas creates activation to promote Vanish Crystal White The brand's campaign is based on the...see more →

Crédit Agricole TV / Film ads

Crédit Agricole "THROUGH SPORT"

Advertiser    CRÉDIT AGRICOLE Agency    BETC Creative Director    Stéphane Xiberras / Benjamin...see more →

Lacoste TV / Film ads


Activity area    Clothing accessories textile Advertiser    Lacoste Brand   Lacoste Agency    BETC see more →

Fox Channel Outdoor ads

Fox Channel "The Passage"

“The Passage”: Fox Channel brings posters vulnerable to sunlight to the streets  In partnership...see more →

PUMA Direct Marketing ads

PUMA "The 9'58 Biography"

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Usain Bolt's 9.58-second world record on the 100m...see more →

E. Leclerc TV / Film ads

E. Leclerc "Defending all that counts for you" by BETC

Since its foundation E. Leclerc has aimed at offering a better quality of life for all French...see more →

Bouygues Telecom TV / Film ads

Bouygues Telecom: "Mamita" by BETC

Bouygues Telecom won a lot of hearts over last Christmas with their awkward dad dancing to Redbone’...see more →

Yves Saint Laurent TV / Film ads

Yves Saint Laurent: "MON PARIS COUTURE" by BETC

BETC Luxe is Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s global agency for all...see more →

Good Planet Foundation Outdoor ads

Good Planet Foundation: "GET READY FOR GLOBAL WARMING" by BETC

GET READY FOR GLOBAL WARMING   The Seine is still rising, and all eyes are on the...see more →

La Parole Aux Sourds TV / Film ads

La Parole Aux Sourds: "Unsilenced" by BETC

Discover Unsilenced, a unique collaboration between the French-...see more →

Lacoste TV / Film ads

Lacoste: "Save Our Species" by BETC

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management: Bertille Toledano, Fanny Buisseret,...see more →

CANAL+ Online ads

CANAL+: "CANAL Classico" by CANAL+

This year again, the Classico (Olympique de Marseille VS Paris Saint Germain) will be broadcast...see more →

Addict Aide TV / Film ads

Addict Aide: "Laurence's secret" by BETC

It’s the year of 2009, at 14 rue du Maine in Paris, in the apartment of a woman named Laurence. The...see more →

Chaumet Print ads

Chaumet - Grace and Character

A year ago, BETC Luxe was chosen to become the creative agency of the Parisian jeweller, Chaumet....see more →

Eric Bompard - Soft Is The New Strong
Eric Bompard Print ads

Eric Bompard - Soft Is The New Strong

Soft Is The New Strong Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management...see more →

Disneyland Print ads

Disneyland "Welcome to Paris" by BETC

Client: Disneyland Paris Welcome to Paris Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Creative...see more →

ibis TV / Film ads

ibis - DO NOT DISTURB documentary

Brand: ibis Agency: BETC Paris Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras Creative Director:...see more →

Air France TV / Film ads

Air France gastronomy lands on Earth

Culinary creations dreamed by Joel Robuchon are now available on foodora. Only in Montreal, Canada...see more →

Sofitel TV / Film ads

Sofitel Signature Song Music Video - Reverie by Haute

BETC Pop & BETC Luxe accompanied Sofitel Hotels & Resorts to create the new brand song. “...see more →

CANAL+ TV / Film ads

CANAL + - Couch Maid Bathroom Mustang

Sorry but the best of X has gone to CANAL+… All for the sake of our pleasure, CANAL+ has gathered...see more →

McDonald's: Come as you are
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: Come as you are

Come as you are. Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management: Henri Tripard, Julien...see more →

CANAL+ TV / Film ads

CANAL+ Front Row

CANAL+ andBETC bring out a new campaign to promote the broadcaster’s subscribers’ loyaltyprogramme...see more →

Peugeot ads

Peugeot: Novak Djokovic & Better Sensations

For those of you who always wondered where NovakDjokovic got his passion for tennis from, Peugeot...see more →

Lacoste TV / Film ads

Lacostepresents its new video «Support With Style »

To promote the Rio Olympics and its partnership with the CNOSF (FrenchNational Olympic and Sports...see more →

CANAL+ TV / Film ads

Canal+: What bond is stronger than that between a father and his child?

BETC brings you an emotional film, showing devoted fathers present at every important moment in...see more →

Esurance TV / Film ads

Election Insurance

With 28% of voters considering a move to Canada should the “wrong" candidate win the presidency,...see more →

Air France TV / Film ads


« France is in theair », once again, with Air France and BETC, thanks to a series of 5...see more →

Boursorama TV / Film ads

Boursorama Banque: the bank that lets you avoid the bank!

Boursorama Banque is a pioneering provider of 100% mobile banking. Today, the brand is taking its...see more →

Total TV / Film ads

Total: Energizing Life. Every Day

Total is launching its new Space Travellers ad campaign featuring Total's upgradednetwork of...see more →

Petit Bateau: ForSerious Kids
Petit Bateau Outdoor ads

Petit Bateau: ForSerious Kids

Petit Bateau is back with anew global outdoor and print campaign that once again celebrates...see more →

Yves Saint Laurent TV / Film ads

BETC: Black Opium Nuit Blanche

BETCParis continues the collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, following therelease of...see more →

Reporters Without Borders TV / Film ads

Reporters Without Borders “War reporters”

Reporters with out Borders are releasing their 50thphotography book promoting the freedom of...see more →

Cillit Bang TV / Film ads


The cleaning productbrand Cillit Bang is launching its first global campaign, “The Mechanic”,...see more →

Bouygues Telecom TV / Film ads

Bouygues Telecom: welove technology

BOUYGUES TELECOM andBETC kick off collaboration with longboard road trip   Ty Evans directs road...see more →

Leroy Merlin TV / Film ads

Leroy Merlin: Happy Valentine’s Day

The French home improvement store Leroy Merlin and its agency BETC decided to help...see more →

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