Advertising Agency: Anomaly

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Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

"The Great Meal" - the new Coca-Cola advertising campaign

The Coca-Cola company has launched a new global advertising campaign "The Great Meal"...see more →

IKEA TV / Film ads

IKEA: "A Better World Starts at Home" by Anomaly

IKEA is in pursuit of an audacious ambition: to help 1 billion people live better lives within the...see more →

Petco TV / Film ads

Petco: "Cleaning House" by Anomaly

On May 1, Petco is setting a bold new standard in nutrition by removing artificial colors, flavors...see more →

Diesel: "Make love not walls."
Diesel Print ads

Diesel: "Make love not walls." by Anomaly

Make love not walls. Advertising Agency: ​Anomaly, Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: "Lost Dog"

Music: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) performed by Sleeping At Last. Advertising Agency: Anomaly Director...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: "Celebrate As One"

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA Chief Creative Officers: Mike Byrne, Richard...see more →

MINI ads
Mini Print ads

Mini: Suddenly, everything else seems old.

Suddenly, everything else seems old. Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Toronto, Canada...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: FA Cup Fan Film

Client: Budweiser Advertising Agency: Anomaly, London, UK Creatives: Henrik...see more →

Carhartt TV / Film ads

The Force T-Shirt

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA Head of Production: Andrew Loevenguth / Creative: Sheena Brady /...see more →

Converse ads
Converse Outdoor ads

Shoes are boring WEAR SNEAKERS

"Shoes are boring WEAR SNEAKERS" Advertising Agency: Anomaly, New York, USA Chief...see more →

Diesel Jeans ads
Diesel Outdoor ads

Diesel Jeans - Be stupid

"Be stupid, You'll create more" "Be stupid, Sin. Confess. Sin again." "Be stupid, It takes two to...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: Return of the King

Agency: Anomaly Producer: Winslow Dennis Creative Director: Mike Byrne Production...see more →

Motorola TV / Film ads

Motorola: The Tablet for All of Us

Client: Motorola Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA Executive Creative Director: Mike Byrne /...see more →

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