Advertising Agency: Isobar

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Greenpeace Integrated ads

Greenpeace "EarthApp" by Isobar

Nobody cares about ecological issues until he sees the touchable effect. To reach the goal we used...see more →

Visa TV / Film ads

Visa: "Tap to pay with Visa. Just like that." by Isobar

Tap to the beat. Tap to the joy. Tap to the little things. Advertising Agency: Isobar, India...see more →

Samsung: "gender equality in technology" by Isobar
Samsung Print ads

Samsung: "gender equality in technology" by Isobar

Meanwhile, the first washing machine patent was denied to Tabitha Babbitt. A special project for...see more →

Save The Children TV / Film ads

Save the Children: Rewrite Her Future

What seems like a nightmare at home, is a sad reality elsewhere. Every day, millions of girls wake...see more →