Advertising Agency: Serviceplan

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Sea Shepherd Outdoor ads


Client: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) The Sea Shepherd has often caused a stir...see more →

Meter Group "Made in Fukushima"
Meter Group Direct Marketing ads

Meter Group "Made in Fukushima" is a book made from decontaminated rice straw

Made in Fukushima is a book made out of rice straw from the decontaminated fields in Fukushima. It...see more →

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe Ambient ads

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe "Mind The Gap"

On average, women in Germany earn 21% less than men. This is why, on Equal Pay Day (March 18th,...see more →

BMW Online ads

BMW "The Unpredictable 360"

To combat people social media and driving, BMW decided to target these people on the very platform...see more →

Über Leben Foundation
Über Leben Foundation Ambient ads

Über Leben Foundation "Human heart. Out of stock!"

Over 10,000 people in Germany live in constant fear of death, because they are waiting, sometimes...see more →

Reporters Without Borders Online ads

Reporters Without Borders: "Fonts for Freedom" by Serviceplan

More and more media organizations are censored or closed and journalists arrested. These are...see more →

The One Club TV / Film ads

The One Club: "turn passion into profession" by Serviceplan

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany see more →

Swisscom ads

Swisscom: Your favourite movies whenever you want.

Your favourite movies whenever you want. Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Switzerland Chief...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts with a smile

Gonzales (a division of Serviceplan Benelux) created a local market stunt in Antwerp metro for the...see more →

Avia Turbo Motor Oil
Avia Print ads

Avia Turbo Motor Oil: Make Your Horses Purr

Make Your Horses Purr. Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, München, Deutschland Executive Creative...see more →

BMW X5 print ad
BMW Print ads

BMW X5: Made for whatever nature could ask for

Made for whatever nature could ask for. The new BMW X5. Advertising Agency:Serviceplan,...see more →

SANTEC TV / Film ads

SANTEC Video Technologies: There is no way to escape

Santec is one of the leading companies for video security systems. Once a thief is in the focus of...see more →

Lego Ambient ads

Builders of Sound

"Builders of Sound": As part of the promotion of the sets of Star Wars toys, Serviceplan Campaign...see more →

Lego print ads
Lego Print ads

Lego: Builders of tomorrow.

Builders of tomorrow. Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany Executive...see more →