Alfa Romeo Tonale Tributo Italiano: "Pure Emotion" is "Made in Italy"

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Video advertising:

Alfa Romeo has launched a new ad campaign for the Alfa Romeo Tonale Tributo Italiano, a global special series of their range, which, along with the Giulia and Stelvio Tributo Italiano models, pays homage to the brand's origins and represents the best of Italian craftsmanship and Alfa Romeo's sportiness. 

The campaign celebrates "Made in Italy" by showcasing the beauty, creativity, and passion of Italians in everything they do, from haute cuisine, travel, sport, art, and building cars. The campaign features a dancer who seeks perfection and aesthetic harmony, a chef who dedicates himself to the composition of sophisticated dishes, and a sculptor immersed in the creative act with a unique impetus. 

Driving an Alfa Romeo car is a "Pure Emotion" that the company wants to share with its customers. The Tonale Tributo Italiano is an exclusive edition characterized by a two-tone livery with a black roof, bodykit in body color, an Italian flag on the mirror caps, and much more. Inside, the car features new perforated leather seats with red stitching and inserts and the distinctive logo embroidered on the headrest. The customer can choose between the brilliant 1.5 160 horsepower hybrid engine (petrol/electric) with 7-speed TCT automatic transmission or the innovative 280 HP Plug-In Hybrid Q4 engine, which redefines the paradigm of "Efficient Sportiness" and allows access to city centers without any limitations. The car offers over 80 km of autonomy in full electric mode for maximum daily mobility, more than 600 km of overall autonomy to tackle long extra-urban journeys, and finally, 280hp of overall power to guarantee all the driving dynamics and sportiness of Alfa Romeo.

The new campaign, created by Collective, the bespoke agency created by Publicis Groupe for Stellantis, will be broadcast from 26 to 30 December and will be shown on the main television broadcasters in 15" and 30" formats. Federico Mazzarisi directed the video, for the production company AKITA FILM, made entirely in Italy, in Matera, and performed by authentic professionals from different fields covered. The images are accompanied by the song “Ti felt,” sung by Loredana Fadda and arranged by Flavio Ibba-Carlo Palmas.

The new commercial ends with the ALFA TOP LEASE formula, developed in collaboration with Stellantis Financial Services. This formula allows customers to get behind the wheel of the Tonale Hybrid Tributo Italiano by paying a monthly fee of 350 euros*, with the possibility of choosing, at the end of the contract, between three different options: replace the car by purchasing a new one, keep the car by paying the Surrender Value or refinancing it, or return it.