Coca-Cola: Friendship Experiment

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Friendship Experiment

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Happiness creator Kurt Tang takes to the streets of Guangzhou for the Friendship Experiment. Is it possible for him to find friendship amongst strangers?

Project title: Coca-Cola Friendship Experiment

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Creative ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai

Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink / Executive Creative Director: Sean Sim, Francis Wee
Creative Director: Golf Nuntawat / Client Supervisor: Richard Cotton, Victor Vieira, Ming Alterman
Art Director: Jasphine Chew / Copywriter: Sean Sim / Photographer: Kurt Tang
Account Directors: Martin Murphy, Oli Goulden, Anita Beveridge / Public Relations: Fengmei Liang, Xiufan Huang, Qingxin Li, Lisha Deng, Yanyan Wu / Agency Producer: William Huen / Production House: Carrot Films
Director: William Dhawan / Producer: Steven Ng / Exposure: Print, Digital, Event

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