Netflix "Stranger Broadcast" by AKQA

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Video advertising:

In partnership with one of Brazil’s largest networks, Netflix aired an hour-special that included a full Stranger Things episode on TV for the very first time. Commercials emerged throughout the broadcast showcasing fictional products from the series; infomercials highlighting the streaming platform; and a News Special drawing a comparison between historical Brazilian events and the Stranger Things storyline.

Client: Netflix

Advertising Agency: AKQA, Brazil

Creative Director: Diego Machado
Executive Creative Director: Hugo Veiga
Creative Directors: Renato Zandoná, Mauricio Dias
Art Director: Murilo Santos
Account Director: Aline Garcia
Motion Designer: Allan Langer
Account Manager: Mariana Pacheco
Producer: Marcela Santos
Project Manager: Daniele Wieczorek
Digital Strategy: Carolina Campos, Ana Júlia Agostinho