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Fox Channel Outdoor ads

Fox Channel "The Passage"

“The Passage”: Fox Channel brings posters vulnerable to sunlight to the streets  In partnership...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing ads

Coca-Cola "Pin Tabs" by WMcCann BR

For the first time, the pop tabs of the cans become a media and bring ready to use pins Coca-Cola...see more →

Bicycling Magazine "The Outlaw Bike"
Bicycling Magazine Direct Marketing ads

Bicycling Magazine "The Outlaw Bike"

Bikes are one of the highest taxed products in Brazil. Over 70% of a bike's price is comprised of...see more →

Reckitt Benckiser "New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony"
Reckitt Benckiser Outdoor ads

Reckitt Benckiser "New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony"

Client:  Reckitt Benckiser New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony. Speeds her up and slows him down....see more →

Incrível Dog "Wildly Cute"
Incrível Dog Print ads

Incrível Dog "Wildly Cute"

Client: Incrível Dog Pet education Advertising Agency: Agência UM, Recife, Brazil Ceo: Luiz Augusto...see more →

Etna TV & Film ads


Etna is one of the biggest home and decor brands in Brazil. The brand is known for...see more →

Mundo Pet "Everything for who makes you happier"
Mundo Pet Outdoor ads

Mundo Pet "Everything for who makes you happier"

Client: Mundo Pet Everything for who makes you happier. A pet, no matter their species, fills the...see more →

PUMA Direct Marketing ads

PUMA "The 9'58 Biography"

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Usain Bolt's 9.58-second world record on the 100m...see more →

Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen "Total Mess" by DDB

There are some places in the world where driving is really complicated. No traffic lights, no signs...see more →

Blood Alcohol Content
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen "Blood Alcohol Content"

People do the dumbest things when they are drunk. Each ad relates the Blood Alcohol Content with...see more →

Hasbro TV & Film ads

Hasbro "We All Can Take Care" by Ogilvy

New campaign for Hasbro brand Baby Alive, “We All Can Take Care”, reintroduces the doll as key in...see more →

Coca-Cola TV & Film ads

Coca-Cola "The Chase" by JWT

Coca-Cola No Sugar and Marvel Studios, two iconic brands, just joined forces to launch a commercial...see more →

Casablanca Turismo
Casablanca Turismo Print ads

Casablanca Turismo "Unforgettable Is Traveling Your Way"


Unimed Cariri
Unimed Cariri Print ads

Unimed Cariri "When your child needs health care, do not choose the time."

When your child needs health care, do not choose the time. Print created for NAS institutional...see more →

Educachorro Outdoor ads

Educachorro "Love Hurts. Training treats." by Agência UM

Client: Educachorro Animal Training Love Hurts. Training treats. We love our pets. They are fluffy...see more →

Halitus TV & Film ads


Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil Client: Halitus CEO: Vitor Barros CCO: Emerson Braga Executive...see more →

Pagan beer
Pagan Print ads

Pagan "Legendary histories end in beer" by Candy Shop

Legendary histories end in beer. Client: Pagan beer Advertising Agency: Candy Shop, Curitiba,...see more →

Protege Group "Exchange Machines"
Protege Group Print ads

Protege Group "Exchange Machines" by Full Jazz

Your coins can be used as a discount on the supermarket, minutes of calls and even donation for...see more →

VetCare Print ads

VetCare "Report wildlife trafficking"

Wild animals are not products. Report wildlife trafficking. No species migrates in cardboard boxes...see more →

Viaje Mais
Viaje Mais Print ads

Viaje Mais "Unimaginable itineraries. Except for our readers." by Mestica

Viaje Mais is a travel magazine with stories about different itineraries and tips of what to do in...see more →

Fiat TV & Film ads

Fiat "Party" by Leo Burnett

The actress Paolla Oliveira, advertising girl of Fiat since 2015, is back and gives a "spoiler" on...see more →

Multibox Packages
Multibox Print ads

Multibox "Multibox Packages" by Capim.AG

Client: Multibox Advertising Agency: Capim.AG, Cascavel, Brazil Creative Directors: Marcelo...see more →

Hunger Monster
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: The Hunger Monster showed up?

A monster that is always creeping in at night, when all restaurants are closed and nothing can help...see more →

Protege Group
Protege Group Print ads

Protege Group "Protege Cargo Protection" by Full Jazz

The Driver keeps his eyes on the road and us on your cargo. Doesn't matter the destination, your...see more →

In a world without weapons
Instituto Sou da Paz Print ads

Instituto Sou da Paz "In a world without weapons" by Vogg

In a world without weapons, Martin Luther King Jr continued his struggle for equality and became...see more →

Skol TV & Film ads

Skol: "Drink Right" by Wieden + Kennedy

Moderate drinking, Skol Beats has made a partnership with some beer online shops to commercialize...see more →

Barion: "Eat with no guilt"
Barion Print ads

Barion: "Eat with no guilt" by Fog

Brazilian Honey Bread with Chocolate. Eat with no guilt. Advertising Agency: Fog, Curitiba, Brazil...see more →

If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you.
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: "If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you."

If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you. Advertising Agency: National Geographic...see more →

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Print ads

Sea Shepherd: The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever

A plain plastic bag looks inoffensive, but it can represent severe suffering – and even death – for...see more →

Coca-Cola: "Feel the flavor of this party."
Coca-Cola Print ads

Coca-Cola: "Feel the flavor of this party."

Advertising Agency: Phocus, Brazil Creative Directors: Danilo Blume, Bruno Sousa Art Director:...see more →

CCR TV & Film ads

CCR "Bad Ideas" by Heads

Latin American highway concession operator CCR teamed up with agency Heads and global creative...see more →

Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy
DETRAN MS Print ads

DETRAN MS: "Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy"by TBWA

Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy. Advertising Agency: Novo Engenho, Campo Grande-...see more →

Hilô Clothing Store
Hilô Clothing Store Print ads

Hilô Clothing Store: "Use your head. Wear condoms."

STD: Don't jump around this trio Use your head. Wear condoms. Advertising Agency: Capim.AG,...see more →

De Cabrón Chillis: "Burn, boredom, burn."
De Cabrón Chillis Print ads

De Cabrón Chillis: "Burn, boredom, burn." by Fullpack

Burn, boredom, burn. Advertising Agency: Fullpack, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Creative Directors:...see more →

Villa Dog PetShop Hotel & Daycare
Villa Dog Print ads

Villa Dog: "For two years preventing damage to your home"

Client: Villa Dog PetShop Hotel & Daycare For two years preventing damage to your home...see more →

Mitsubishi TV & Film ads

Mitsubishi: "Drive your Ambition" by Ampfy

Drive your Ambition Advertising Agency: Ampfy, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Fred Siqueira...see more →

Netflix Ambient ads

Netflix "Stranger Broadcast" by AKQA

In partnership with one of Brazil’s largest networks, Netflix aired an hour-special that included a...see more →

Avoid nightmares at your new home
Forthe Real Estate Print ads

Forthe Real Estate: "Avoid nightmares at your new home" by Capim.AG

Avoid nightmares at your new home Advertising Agency: Capim.AG, Cascavel, Brazil Client: Forthe...see more →

Honda: "New HR-V 2019"
Honda Print ads

Honda: "New HR-V 2019" by Box Comunicação

New HR-V 2019 with Brake Hold system. Keeps your car stopped without effort. Ease and safety with...see more →

Hilô Clothing Store "Style in every step"
Hilô Clothing Store Print ads

Hilô Clothing Store "Style in every step"

Your father doesn't need to look like an uncle Style in every step Fathers to envy and to feel...see more →