World Wildlife Fund: Ant rally

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WWF: Ant rally

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Advertising Agency: BBDO, Germany GmbH, Duesseldorf

Creative Directors: Christian Mommertz, Sebastian Hardieck, Carsten Bolk, Wolfgang Schneider
Art Director: Fabian Pensel / Copywriter: Ramón Scheffer / Illustrator: Fabian Pensel / Photographer: Jochen Manz
Account Director: Sebastian Koenen / Account Manager: Lina Gilles / Agency Producer: Steffen Gentis / Production company: Parasol Island / Producers: Moritz von Schroetter, Kim Duesselberg, Jack Gregory Donald / Audio Production House: Studio Funk / Sound Designer: Marco Manzo / DOP: Ahmet Tan, Ami Rodrigues / Editor: Stephan Krause

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