Advertisements from: Belgium

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Canon Print ads

Canon #FirstHugs The first hugs of Happiness

Lieve Blancquaert, Canon ambassador for many years, looked very much at the photo series of these...see more →

Carlsberg #stayathome
Carlsberg Print ads

Carlsberg #stayathome

Probably the only place where you should drink a Carlsberg. Advertising Agency: Happiness, an FCB...see more →

Tourism of Belgium Outdoor ads

Tourism of Belgium "Le Tour of the Photobomb" by Ogilvy

Executive Creative Director Gabriel AraujoCopywriter Bill BiquinArt Director...see more →

Jupiler TV / Film ads

Jupiler "J’aime la vie" by BBDO

Client: Jupiler Advertising Agency: BBDO, Brussels, Belgium Strategy: Jesse De Donkor, Sofie...see more →

McDonald's "Served by a king, or served as a king?"
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's "Served by a king, or served as a king?"

Served by a king, or served as a king? Discover our table service at McDonald's. Advertising...see more →

Stella Artois "Great Beer Travels" by TBWA
Stella Artois Outdoor ads

Stella Artois "Great Beer Travels" by TBWA

With 600 years of brewing tradition, Stella is one of the most renowned Belgian beers in the world...see more →

Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"
Greenpeace Outdoor ads

Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"

Client: Greenpeace It’s only when something is gone that we realise how much we...see more →

FLUVIUS TV / Film ads

FLUVIUS: "Easy with you" by BBDO

Eandis and Infrax, the 2 large companies in Flanders that distribute gas and electricity, have been...see more →

Students wanted. No experience needed.
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: "Students wanted"by TBWA

Students wanted. No experience needed. Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Brussels Creative...see more →

IKEA TV / Film ads

IKEA - Make room for passion - by DDB

IKEA’s mission is to get Belgians to fully enjoy their homes, their time and their lives. The...see more →

Volkswagen: The Golf
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen: The Golf

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brussels, Belgium see more →

Tide to go: Dresses
Tide Print ads

Tide to go: Dresses

Advertising School: ESA Saint Luc School, Tournai, Belgium Art Director /...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts with a smile

Gonzales (a division of Serviceplan Benelux) created a local market stunt in Antwerp metro for the...see more →

Responsible Young Drivers print ads
Responsible Young Drivers Print ads

Responsible Young Drivers: Twitter has no place on the road

Twitter has no place on the road. Using the phone while driving is responsible of 1 accident in 10...see more →

Ministry of Women's Rights
Ministry of Women's Rights Print ads

Ministry of Women's Rights: domestic violence

In 2013, domestic violence has claimed the lives of 121 women in France. Advertising School: Saint...see more →

Cote D'Or TV / Film ads

Côte D'Or: For The Ones We Love

Client: Côte D'Or chocolates Produced by Fritzi Nicolaus Sound mix & music: José Vicente Lead...see more →

Mercedes Online ads

Mercedes E-Class Estate - The Transportable Banner

Mercedes wanted to promote their E-Class Estate via bannering. The E-Class Estate is the most...see more →

Volkswagen print
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen: Close the door, the adventure begins.

Close the door, the adventure begins. Advertising Agency: Saint Luc, Tournai, Belgium Creative:...see more →

Bosch TV / Film ads

Bosch: The quietest burglars

Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium, Brussels, Belgium Creative Director: Sebastien...see more →

Bosch ads
Bosch Print ads

Bosch: The quietest vacuum cleaner.

The quietest vacuum cleaner. Advertising Agency: BBDO, Belgium Creative Directors...see more →

Volvo print ads
Volvo Print ads

Volvo: V40 with automatic braking system

Before you are aware of the danger, your Volvo is already braking. Volvo V40 with automatic braking...see more →

Oreo Print ads

OREO: Oreo, Double milk

Oreo, Double milk Advertising School: Saint Luc, Tournai, Belgium Art Director: Adrien Callewaert...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: Super Heroes don't exists

"Super Heroes don't exists.Only you have the power to protect human rights. Buy a candle.Amnesty...see more →

Responsible Young Drivers TV / Film ads

Responsible Young Drivers: driver screws up big time

Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk. This experiment was set up by...see more →

Pepsi ads
Pepsi Outdoor ads

Pepsi: We wish you a scary Halloween

We wish you a scary Halloween. Advertising Agency: Buzz in a Box, Brussels, Belgium Creative...see more →

Ray-Ban Outdoor ads

Ray-Ban with 9 different color filters

Ray-Ban designed tramways with decorated windows in Belgium for its new polarized color lenses....see more →

Volvo Online ads

Volvo: a revolutionary braking system

A Twitter-campaign, developed by BBDO Belgium, to invite people to discover the new Volvo-model...see more →

Pepsi Ambient ads

Pepsi Like Machine - Live for now

Pepsi wanted to create a new way of sampling. An easy way to engage with consumers and know who is...see more →

Renault print ads
Renault Print ads

Renault: European week of courtesy on the road

Renault is pleased to give up its place to another vehicle. European week of courtesy on the road...see more →

Stihl ads
Stihl Print ads

Stihl: All the muscles you need

All the muscles you need. Client: Stihl Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium Worldwide...see more →

TNT print ads
TNT Print ads

TNT: We know drama

We know drama. Client: TNT Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp, Belgium Account...see more →

Renault Online ads

Renault Clio RS: Speed date

This is speed dating in every sense of the word and these are real "speed daters" in search of...see more →

Parents Of Road Victims
Parents Of Road Victims Print ads

Parents Of Road Victims: Road safety message

Client: Parents Of Road Victims Don't text and dieRoad safety message from Parents Of Road Victims...see more →

Coca-Cola Ambient ads

Coca-Cola: Taste under hypnosis

In "Hypnosis", world famous hypnotist Peter Powers sends 8 participants to sleep in a fun taste...see more →

Axe Online ads

Axe: Shazam/TV integration

Axe is known for its innovation and creativity within online and televised advertising, two media...see more →

Maes Ambient ads

Maes: A free barrel to share

Maes is a popular Belgian beer but also the 3rd most common Belgian surname. Therefore Maes beer...see more →

Samsonite TV / Film ads

Samsonite: the strongest and lightest

Travel is one of life's great adventures. And there is a moment on every trip when everything is...see more →

Toyota Ambient ads

Protect What’s Behind You

New advertising campaign from Toyota Belgium in collaboration with the agency Happiness Brussels...see more →

Brussels Airlines ads
Brussels Airlines Outdoor ads

Colours of Africa

Feel the colours of Africa Advertising Agency: 6+1, Brussels, Belgium Creative...see more →

Otrivin ads
Otrivin Print ads

Otrivin does the trick

"Treat your seasonal allergies" Advertising Agency: Y&R, Belgium Creative Director: Mateusz...see more →

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