Advertisements from: Ecuador

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WWF "Let's stop the traffic"
WWF Print ads

WWF "Let's stop the traffic"

Around 100 raccoons, 20,000 bears, and more than 1,000 rhinos are killed each year to traffic in...see more →

Pilsener "Disfruta responsablemente" Halloween 2019
Pilsener Print ads

Pilsener "Disfruta responsablemente" Halloween 2019

Client: Pilsener Product: Pilsener Light Advertising Agency: Mullenlowe Delta,...see more →

Cinemark "RGB" by Publicis
Cinemark Print ads

Cinemark "RGB" by Publicis

Short rationale: Many famous movie characters share the same color. Colors that can be the same,...see more →

Dream Pack "Stop the Killing"
Dream Pack Print ads

Dream Pack "Stop the Killing"

Paradais DDB presents "Stop the Killing" for Dream Pack The campaign seeks to raise...see more →

Estoril Beach Condos
Estoril Beach Condos Print ads

Estoril Beach Condos "Part of you wants beach."

Part of you wants beach. Client: Estoril Beach Condos Advertising Agency: Raro Lab, Guayaquil,...see more →

Fiber Colon: "Releases Tensions" by Creacional Carat
Fiber Colon Print ads

Fiber Colon: "Releases Tensions" by Creacional Carat

Advertising Agency: Creacional Carat - Dentsu, Guayaquil, Ecuador Creative / Art Director /...see more →

Hot Wheels: "Spilled out: Juice, milk, coke" by Maksim Fulltime
HotWheels Print ads

Hot Wheels: "Spilled out: Juice, milk, coke" by Maksim Fulltime

Advertised brand: Hot Wheels Advert title(s): Spilled out: Juice, milk, coke Headline and copy text...see more →

Aspirin Print ads

Aspirina: Headaches will not stop you

Headaches will not stop you. Advertising Agency: Garwich BBDO, Ecuador Creative...see more →

Vespa Print ads

Vespa: Solution

Advertising Agency: RGB, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director:Xavier Montag / Copywriter:Xavier Montag...see more →

El Universo print ads
El Universo Print ads

El Universo: Young Lions Ecuador - Make history

El Universo Young Lions Ecuador Advertising Agency: Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador...see more →

Wall Street English
Wall Street English Print ads

Wall Street English: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Advertising Agency: Auveron Fozher, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director / Art...see more →

Alifresh oral spray
Alifresh Print ads

Alifresh - Leave no evidence

Client: Alifresh oral spray Advertising Agency: GC Herrera, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Byron...see more →

Toyota print ads
Toyota Print ads

Toyota: Land Rover Turbo

Advertising Agency: BBA Brand Building Ad, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Bryan...see more →

Durex ads
Durex Print ads

Durex: Addictive flavors.

Addictive flavors. Advertising Agency: Share, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Fernando Gavilanes...see more →

I love Pizza Pizza Online ads

I love Pizza Pizza: PIZZA NINJA

Low budget facebook creative campaign generated a community of more than 200.000 fans in Ecuador....see more →

Nescafe ads
Nescafe Print ads

Nescafe: Take some time off

Take some time off. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Ecuador Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Bonelli...see more →

Fuego Azteca ads
Fuego Azteca Print ads

Fuego Azteca Hot Sauce: Spicy, but not that spicy

Spicy, but not that spicy.Fuego Azteca Hot Sauce. Soft new recipe made of jalapenos and cilantro....see more →

Mabe Direct Marketing ads

Mabe: Toy Box

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Pérez Pallares / Creative...see more →

Pronaca ad
Pronaca Print ads

We share our world with you

We share our world with you Advertising Agency: Norlop JWT, Quito, Ecuador Art Directors: David...see more →

Capstar ads
Capstar Print ads

Immediate relief from fleas

Immediate relief from fleas. Advertising Agency: Auberon Fosher, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Print ads

Another life depends on you

Another life depends on you Advertising Agency: McCann, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Juan...see more →

Magic Sound ads
Magic Sound Print ads

Magic Sound: unexpected sounds

Client: Magic Sound Audio Studio Advertising Agency: Y&R, Quito, Ecuador Chief Creative Officer...see more →

Budweiser Ambient ads

Budweiser: The Happy Hour Never Ends

Client: Budweiser Advertising Agency: Rivas Herrera Y&R, Ecuador Chief Creative Director: Diego...see more →

Maggi ads
Maggi Print ads

Maggi: With a soup, you're always at home

With a soup, you're always at home. Advertising Agency: Publicitas/Publicis S&S, Ecuador...see more →

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