Advertisements from: Hungary

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Brewie TV / Film ads

That's how a real MAN brews his own beer!

Advertising Agency: Umbrella, Budapest, Hungary Creative Director: Viktor Vajda / Photographer:...see more →

Budapest Bike Maffia Ambient ads

Budapest Bike Maffia - The most outrageous mannequin challenge

Advertising Agency: Greenroom, Budapest, Hungary Creative Director: Gusztáv Vida...see more →

McDonald's print ads
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: Dupla Sajtos McRoyal

Advertising Agency: DDB, Budapest, Hungary Creative Director: Tordai Péter // Art Director /...see more →

Nescafe TV / Film ads

Nescafe: Restart your day anytime!

Directed by Menzkie Director of Photography: Tamas Dobos  Director of Photography: Ivan Vermes (...see more →

Volvo Print ads

Volvo STILLBIKE case study

When Volvo decided to promote it's cyclist and pedestrian detection system with...see more →

McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: Real Café Mood

Advertising Agency: DDB Budapest, Hungary Creative Director: Peter Tordai / Creative Group Head:...see more →

Old Spice Online ads

Old Spice: The first mobile controlled banner

Old Spice introduced a new wild collection of scents with an extensive campaign. Our task was to...see more →

Old Spice ambient ads
Old Spice Ambient ads

Old Spice: New fragrance: the Champion

BRIEF: Our task was to raise awareness around Old Spice's new fragrance: the Champion. This product...see more →

Ariel ads
Ariel Print ads

Ariel: Because stains are not 3D

Because stains are not 3DAriel 3D Actives TechnologyDeeper penetrating cleaning agents for more...see more →

Greenpeace print ads
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: Give back some to nature

Give back some to nature. Support Greenpeace with your donation: #10918001-00000015-73370002...see more →

Nikon Online ads

Nikon: Do you know how many pictures take up 3 years?

"Do you know how many pictures take up 3 years? We don't. We leave it up to you. 3 years guarantee...see more →