Advertisements from: Netherlands

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Volvo TV / Film ads

Volvo cars with an AED: Volvo Lifesaver

In the Netherlands, civilian rescuers start 17,000 resuscitations every year before the ambulance...see more →

Fanta TV / Film ads

Fanta "Idiots Are Amazing"

Fanta brand wishes to free the idiot hidden in each of us. The one who, in the name of the game, is...see more →

Philips Ambient ads

Philips "There's always a way to make life better"

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Social.Lab, Amsterdam, Netherlands During the Marathon Eindhoven 2019,...see more →

KFC Direct Marketing ads

KFC "KFC Russia x Mam Cupy Bucket Hat"

Client: KFC Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative...see more →

IKEA TV / Film ads

IKEA: "A Better World Starts at Home" by Anomaly

IKEA is in pursuit of an audacious ambition: to help 1 billion people live better lives within the...see more →

Plus Supermarkets TV / Film ads

Plus Supermarkets "Grandpa" by JWT

Eating well means eating together. Client: Plus Supermarkets Advertising Agency: J. Walter...see more →

Plus Supermarkets TV / Film ads

Plus Supermarkets "Eat Well. Live Well." by JWT

Client: Plus Supermarkets Eat Well. Live Well. Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam,...see more →

Adidas Ambient ads

Adidas "adidas Nemeziz - it's not made for you" by iris

Advertising Agency: Iris Worldwide Amsterdam, Netherlands Client: Adidas Production Company: Fixers...see more →

Schweppes​: "For those who think" by XXS Amsterdam
Schweppes​ Outdoor ads

Schweppes​: "For those who think" by XXS Amsterdam

For those who think sex on the beach is sex on the beach For those who think savage sun is the end...see more →

MasterCard TV / Film ads

MasterCard: "SAFETY & SECURITY" by FCB

Creating a cherished memory, that's what it's all about in this emotional MasterCard...see more →

Opel Ambient ads

Opel: "Jade" by JWT

Only 4% of car sales consultant are women. To create more diversity in the showroom and to inspire...see more →

Audi TV / Film ads

Audi: "Zero Emission" by Selmore

Advertising Agency: Selmore Creative Agency, Amsterdam, Netherlands Creatives: Diederick Hillenius...see more →

ING TV / Film ads

ING: "Love Beats Money" by JWT

How much are your friendships worth? Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam,...see more →

Scotch & Soda Outdoor ads

Scotch & Soda: "Whatever, Weather!"

Creative Directors / Art Directors: Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart, Bas Manders Photographer: Bart...see more →

Amnesty International TV / Film ads

Amnesty International - Through the eyes of a refugee

1. This film project documents an extraordinary project in which five people from the Netherlands...see more →

ING TV / Film ads

ING: "Proud sponsor of Dutch football" by JWT

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters:...see more →

Diesel: "Make love not walls."
Diesel Print ads

Diesel: "Make love not walls." by Anomaly

Make love not walls. Advertising Agency: ​Anomaly, Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative...see more →

Heineken TV / Film ads

Heineken - Nature's Wonder

Advertising Agency: TBWA Neboko, Netherlands Production Company: Bacon / Director: Bart Timmer see more →

Heineken TV / Film ads

Heineken: The Chase with James Bond

James Bond unwittingly draws a bystander into the action as he tries to throw off his pursuers. Can...see more →

Wrangler Europe vs Wrongler
Wrangler Print ads

Wrangler Europe vs Wrongler

Advertising Agency: WE ARE Pi, Amsterdam, Netherlands see more →

ING ads
ING Outdoor ads

ING: Cities in a click

"Cities in a click" are a stunning poster series which offer travellers useful...see more →

Fiat TV / Film ads

Fiat 500: tijdens de Gay Pride

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Leo Burnett, Netherlands Concept: Jan Bosch, Tim...see more →

Netflix TV / Film ads

Netflix: the big and small transformations

Can Netflix change one person’s life forever? Can a sullen teenager be transformed...see more →

Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone: Loved Ones

Campaign shows how Vodafone offer can help all those who won’t be home for Christmas. We wanted to...see more →

BMW TV / Film ads

BMW i3 Driving pleasure reinvented

The new BMW i3 has a special story. The production process is fully powered by wind power, a carbon...see more →

Philips Online ads

Philips: Make it before sunrise

See the work at Advertising Agency: Achtung!, Netherlands...see more →

PlayStation TV / Film ads

PlayStation: the biggest next-generation

Today we are excited to share with you our new advert for PS4. On PS4 you can connect with the...see more →

Head & Shoulders TV / Film ads

Head & Shoulders: Ridiculous stuff!

Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, Netherlands Creative Directors:Maarten...see more →

Audi TV / Film ads

Audi TTS TV Commercial "Leap of Faith"

It takes guts to buy a car whose only practical purpose is the sheer joy of driving it. But as Audi...see more →

Bridgestone TV / Film ads

Bridgestone: Engineered with your safety in mind

Bridgestone. Engineered with your safety in mind. Because there’s only one part of your car’s...see more →

Kit Kat Online ads

Kit Kat: GHAB Campaign video

KITKAT, together with JWT Amsterdam launch the first ever nationwide break for...see more →

Ecover Print ads

Ecover: Inspired by Bee Science

Get nature on your side Advertising Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, Netherlands Illustrator:...see more →

Philips Online ads

Philips Brush Busters

Advertising Agency: ACHTUNG!, Netherlands 3D Character Animations: Colorbleed Creative development...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Foot Locker x Nike - Be The Baddest

Go get a ball. Find a hoop. I'll be waiting. Be the #THEBADD35T Advertising Agency: Wieden +...see more →

Doritos TV / Film ads

Doritos: Doritos Bits. Small but big in taste

Doritos Bits. Small but big in taste Advertising Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam, Netherlands see more →

Philips Online ads

Philips: Senseo Up app

A simple and fun way to see how the new SENSEO® Up fits into your life. Using Augmented Reality,...see more →

Flower Council of Holland
Flower Council of Holland Outdoor ads

In case of love at first sight: Break glass

In case of love at first sight: Break Advertising Agency:...see more →

Kit Kat
Kit Kat Ambient ads

The Kit Kat Webcam Blocker

On the 15th of January, the Dutch Justice department issued a national warning, advising people to...see more → Print ads Stay if you dare

Stay if you dare. Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative...see more →

Kit Kat Outdoor ads

Kit Kat - Have a seat

To celebrate the upcoming launch of #AndroidKitKat, people could win a Nexus 7 tablet the KITKAT...see more →

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