Advertisements from: Portugal

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Legend Bikes "Ridiculous"
Legend Bikes Print ads

Legend Bikes "Ridiculous"

Advertising Agency: RAW Studio, Lisbon, Portugal Client: Legend Bikes...see more →

Wook online bookstore "we deliver"
Wook Print ads

Wook online bookstore "we deliver"

Client: Wook Wook is Portugal’s biggest online bookstore. Advertising Agency:...see more →

McDonald's "My McFlurry. Imagine yours."
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's "My McFlurry. Imagine yours."

Imagine your own McFlurry with your favorite toppings. My McFlurry. Imagine yours. Client: ...see more →

AMCV "words can be the first sign"
AMCV Print ads

AMCV "words can be the first sign"

Print campaign created to AMCV (association of women against violence) to help prevent physical...see more →

UNICEF Print ads

UNICEF "helping hundreds of children"

UNICEF's main income source comes from donations. But nowadays it's getting harder to engage with...see more →

McDonald's - summer classics
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's - summer classics

summer classics Advertising Agency: TBWA, Libson, Portugal Creative Directors:...see more →

McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: Where does the ... come from ?

Advertising Agency: TBWA Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director: Leandro Alvarez / Art Director /...see more →

McDonald's: Summertime is popsicle time.
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: Summertime is popsicle time.

Summertime is popsicle time. Advertising Agency: TBWA, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director: Leandro...see more →

Vhils Exhibition
Vhils Direct Marketing ads

Vhils Exhibition: The art remains on the wall

This is just a fragment of the piece. The art remains on the wall. Advertising Agency: MSTF-...see more →

Lusiaves Print ads

Lusiaves: Chicken is the new cod

Chicken is the new cod. This Christmas, you don’t have to go to Norway to taste the best of...see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's - Maths

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Lisbon, Portugal Creative Directors: Leandro Alvarez, Gezo...see more →

Renault TV / Film ads

Renault Twizy entered literally a university

Advertising Agency:Publicis, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director:Pedro Ribeiro, João Braga / Art...see more →

WWF print
WWF Direct Marketing ads

WWF: Choose public transport. Save the planet

If removed, voids the warranty of a better world. Choose public transport. Save the planet. Art...see more →

IKEA Outdoor ads

IKEA: Early Christmas Sale

Early Christmas Sale Advertising Agency: TBWA, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director: Leandro Alvarez...see more →

Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: Help the victims of torture

Help the victims of torture and abuse to be heard. Sign the petition at http://soundsfromtorture....see more →

Renault TV / Film ads

Renault Twingo Stiletto by Luis Onofre

Lisbon is notorious for being less than friendly for walking in heels. That has sent the women of...see more →

Mini Print ads

MINI - Why would you need two legs?

MINI - Why would you need two legs? Objective: To communicate the MINI with an automatic gear box...see more →

ReusePic Print ads

ReusePic: Now with Instagram included

Advertising Agency: Fuel, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director:Pedro Bexiga, Marcelo...see more →

Oxigénio Radio Station
Oxigénio Print ads

Oxigénio: For those who breathe music

For those who breathe music. Client: Oxigénio Radio Station Advertising Agency: McCann, Lisbon,...see more →

Fructis Ambient ads

Fructis: O dia da visita

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Lisboa, Portugal Creative Director: João Braga / Art Director:...see more →

Renault print ads
Renault Print ads

Renault: Don't dream and drive

Don’t dream and drive. Renault Visio System. Keeps you awake. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Lisboa...see more →

Volta Ao Mundo ads
Volta Ao Mundo Print ads

Volta Ao Mundo: Go beyond the city tour

Go beyond the city tour. Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Portugal Executive Creative Directors:...see more →

Oficina do Açúcar Ambient ads

Oficina do Açúcar: Dreams Come Cake

Even though we're a small cake design store, we aim to be the world's best. And just like Cristiano...see more →

Ted Baker Ambient ads

Ted Baker - Britain Town

Following the example of Chinatowns as the ambassadors of the chinese culture in the world, Ted...see more →

Benfica Museum
Benfica Museum Outdoor ads

Benfica Museum: A Historia Do Benfica

Client: Benfica Museum Advertising Agency: Y&R, Portugal Creative Directors: Pedro Ferreira,...see more →

Dove Ambient ads

Dove: Dove Self Esteem Project

The Dove Self Esteem Project has been working for several years on promoting women's self esteem...see more →

Nescafe Online ads

Nescafé: it's time to go to sleep

The first alarm clock that goes off when it's time to go to sleep. Client: Nescafé Advertising...see more →

Arkocapsulas print ads
Arkocápsulas Print ads

Arkocápsulas: Erases Flatulence

Relief made with Charcoal. / Riddance made with Charcoal. / Alleviation made with Charcoal.Erases...see more →

IKEA Ambient ads

IKEA for Madeira

Launch of the IKEA online store for Madeira Advertising Agency: TBWA Lisbon, Portugal Creative...see more →

Blue Soft Drink ads
Blue Soft Drink Print ads

The taste of Angola

The taste of Angola. Advertising Agency: Bar, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Directors...see more →

Animal ads
Animal Print ads

Adopting a shelter dog

Adopting a shelter dog is getting him out of death row. Advertising Agency: TBWA/ Lisboa, Portugal...see more →

Amnesty International print ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Shadow Of The Condor

Advertising Agency: Fuel, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Directors: Marcelo Lourenço, Pedro Bexiga /...see more →

Avelar Machado ads
Avelar Machado Print ads

Avelar Machado - Buying and selling books since 1876

"James Joyce and other classics almost as good as new." "Agatha Christie and other classics almost...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Thanks To Amnesty International

These photos exist thanks to organizations like the Political Police. These ones, thanks to...see more →

UNHCR Print ads

UNHCR: Soon the weather will be our biggest oppressor

Soon the weather will be our biggest oppressor By the year 2050, there will be over 200 million...see more →

Junkers Xmas
Junkers Online ads

Junkers Xmas

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Portugal Go to or http://www....see more →