Advertisements from: South Korea

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Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: "Samsung Firevase" by Cheil

Today in South Korea occur more than 10,000 domestic fires each year. To counter this situation,...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Nike: Impossible to ignore by Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency

Nike and Korean American rapper Jay Park launched a new advertising campaign in...see more →

Green Latte
Green Latte Direct Marketing ads

Green Latte: Use Mug, Save Tree!

Eco-friendly themed franchising café in Korea, Green Latte launched a campaign...see more →

LG TV / Film ads

LG: Beautiful Lips

Advertising Agency: Goback, South Korea Creative Director: Hayoung Lee / Account Director: Jinwon...see more →

Samsung Ambient ads

Samsung: Interactive Camera App for Children with Autism

Millions of children struggles to make eye contact due to autism. There has been no scientifically-...see more →

Kotex TV / Film ads

Kotex White Wearable Overnight: White Ggulzam pad

OBJECTIVE Raise awareness of the WHITE new product “Wearable Overnight” As the “...see more →

Samsung Online ads

Samgsung: 'The time left to you'

We tend to tell ourselves that we have next time, putting off the time to be together. But, you don...see more →

Huggies Online ads

Huggies: Happy moments because we’re together

Even though the infant care is a harsh and difficult process,  those little moments that mothers...see more →

The North Face TV / Film ads

The North Face: Never Stop Exploring

Advertising Agency: INNORED, South Korea Music: Don't Want To Fall by EleventySeven   see more →

UNHCR Ambient ads

UNHCR: QR/NFC-enabled mobiles on the figurines

PROBLEM Out of 35 million refugees worldwide. 300,000 are North Koreans. They face the fear of...see more →

SsangYong TV / Film ads

SsangYong "Ssangyong" by Meat Agency

Says Brent Jewell, national sales and marketing manager at SsangYong: “BWM understood the need to...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung Galaxy - London

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea Group Creative Director: Kate Oh / Creative...see more →

UNICEF print ads
UNICEF Print ads

UNICEF: Child abuse leaves indelible damage within.

Child abuse leaves indelible damage within. Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide,...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: The Bridge Of Life

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea Executive Creative Director: Thomas...see more →

E-mart Ambient ads

E-mart: truck shaped balloon

Korean people work the longest hours in the world and are always busy. So they consider '...see more →

K2 ads
K2 Print ads

K2: The Wildest Walks

The Wildest Walks. Advertising Agency: HS Ad, Seoul, Republic of Korea Creative Directors: Bo...see more →

E-mart Ambient ads

E-mart Sale Navigation project

VLC technology-based marketing promotion in a hypermarket for the first time in the world. A lot of...see more →

Kumho Tires ads
Kumho Tires Print ads

Design for performance

Advertising Agency: Rhizome, Seoul, South Korea Creative Director: Younghwa Moon / Art Directors:...see more →

E-mart Direct Marketing ads

Shadow-Activated QR Code

For all the talk of mobile-marketing tech, there remains a pretty wide gap between the potential...see more →

Axe ads
Axe Outdoor ads

Axe: Revolving doors

Axe Effect Client: Axe Images of different women were placed on revolving doors. Every time the...see more →

Banana ads
Binggrae Print ads

Banana flavored milk

Banana flavored milk Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea Creative Director: Hui...see more →

Sony ads
Sony Print ads

Sony Earphone make.believe

"Hello, Michael Like the King of pop who walked on the surface of the moon, feel the stage with...see more →

NIVEA Direct Marketing ads

NIVEA: Nivea Sun everyday

TARGET: Asian people, including Koreans, who prefer white skin. CHALLENGE: People do not use...see more →

Nikon print ads
Nikon Print ads

Nikon: Lost myself in Nikon.

Lost myself in Nikon. Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea Creative Director: Jaewook...see more →

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