Advertisements from: Ukraine

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Three Bears TV / Film ads

Because Three Bears is better than one

Fedoriv Agency has created a new strategy, positioning and developed a new identity for the "Three...see more →

Fathers Wine Print ads

Fathers Wine "Back to the Roots"

Campaign name: Back to the Roots Client's name: Fathers Wine Media: Packaging Industry: Alcoholic...see more →

MCPU "Art of Quarantine" #FlattenTheCurve
MCPU Online ads

MCPU "Art of Quarantine" #FlattenTheCurve

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine together with the...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International "March 8"

In Ukraine, more than 100,000 cases of domestic violence are registered during the year. However,...see more →

Roshen Wafers TV / Film ads

Roshen Wafers "Oh, ok"

Advertised brand: Roshen Wafers Advert title(s): Oh, ok Headline and copy text (in English):...see more →

Aktual by Danone
Danone Ambient ads

Aktual by Danone "Not a boring dairy product."

Not a boring dairy product. Aktual by Danone is an extraordinary lactic drink. So it needed an...see more →

Bad Boy
Bad Boy Outdoor ads

Bad Boy "Thankfully, wines get better with age"

So here’s to responsible voting and responsible drinking. Right before the President’s elections in...see more →

Avon TV / Film ads

Avon "BRAve" by Be-it

Advertising Agency: Be—it Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director / Copywriter: Oksana Sorzhulenko...see more →

KLO - Be filled up in the year of the dog!
KLO Print ads

KLO - Be filled up in the year of the dog!

Be filled up in the year of the dog! Advertising Agency: Michurin Creative Agency...see more →

Honda Print ads

Honda: "Your fear will disappear." by Geometry Global

Your fear will disappear. Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director:...see more →

Sport Life Fitness Club
Sport Life Fitness Club Print ads

Sport Life Fitness Club: Fatxorcism by Geometry Global

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director: Nadia Trikoz Senior Art...see more →

LTB Jeans - Let's try
LTB Jeans Print ads

LTB Jeans - Let's try

Advertising Agency: Michurin Creative Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director / Copywriter: Iryna...see more →

Instinct condoms
Instinct condoms Print ads

Instinct condoms: No chance to meet.

No chance to meet. Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director:...see more →

World AIDS Day ads
World AIDS Day Print ads

World AIDS Day: Use the condom

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kiev, Ukraine Associate Creative Director: Nadia Trikoz / ...see more →

Petcube Online ads

Petcube: Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home

Petcube Camera is a home Wi-Fi camera for pet owners that lets you watch, talk and...see more →

Scrabble print ads
Scrabble Print ads

Scrabble: The power of words. Scrabble

The power of words. Advertising Agency: Twiga, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director: Slavik Fokin / Art...see more →

Philips print ad
Philips Print ads

Philips: Shave away the barriers.

Shave away the barriers. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director...see more →

Let's do it Ukraine!
Let's do it Ukraine! Print ads

Let's do it Ukraine!: Get rid of it before it gets rid of us!

"Get rid of it before it gets rid of us!The 20th of April. Come out to the all-Ukrainian Cleaning!...see more →

Shtuki ad
Shtuki Print ads

Shtuki: Creative gifts shop

Not every gift makes one happy. Creative gifts shop. Advertising Agency: Galagan, Kiev, Ukraine...see more →

Don Pion print
Don Pion Print ads

Don Pion: Make an impression

"Make an impression. Like Van Gogh did it. Like Monet did it." Advertising Agency: Michurin...see more →

Lyuks TV / Film ads

Lyuks: Everybody crie

Product: Chips Lyuks Extreme Advertising Agency: Tabasco, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director:...see more →

Pub Beer Point
Pub Beer Point Outdoor ads

Pub Beer Point: Hard working. Good beering

Hard working. Good beering Advertising Agency: Kinograf, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director: Vitaliy...see more →

Sport Life Fitness Club
Sport Life Fitness Club Print ads

Sport Life: Escape the Belly Island

Escape the Belly Island Client: Sport Life Fitness Club Advertising Agency: G2, Kiev, Ukraine...see more →

Chumatskiy Shlyah Direct Marketing ads
Chumatskiy Shlyah Direct Marketing ads

Chumatskiy Shlyah: Delicious homemade food

We deliver delicious homemade food to your table. If you order before 15:00 – delivery on the same...see more →

Antoshka Print ads

Antoshka: Winter bye

Bye hat, bye winter! / Scarf in closet. Winter bye! / Jacket off. Winter bye! Advertising Agency:...see more →

All-Ukrainian Charity Fund ads
All-Ukrainian Charity Fund Print ads

Buy food - help the homeless

"Food can’t be used to buy booze! Buy food – help the homeless!"The All-Ukrainian Charity Fund "...see more →

NIVEA Online ads

Nivea: Presenting 4 new shower gels

Singing in the shower community presents the first ever social karaoke. Here voices of two random...see more →

Stop Pain ads
Stop Pain Print ads

Life without pain

There is life without pain. Advertising Agency: Kaffeine, Kiev, Ukraine...see more →


A winner can be found

Even among those who are used to winning, a winner can be found Advertising Agency:...see more →

WWF Online ads

WWF: Tiger! Download "Tiger Alarm!"

Wake up to the roar of adorable baby Tiger! Download "Tiger Alarm!" Advertising Agency: Y&R,...see more →

MTV print ads
MTV Print ads

MTV: five years in Ukraine

Client: MTV Ukraine MTV five years in Ukraine Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Ukraine Creative...see more →

Karmany ads
Karmany Print ads

Karmany - Ad & Art

"Ad & Art. Perrier, Ogilvy Paris & The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dalí" "Ad & Art...see more →

Mitsubishi ads
Mitsubishi Outdoor ads

Mitsubishi 2012 Cork-Board Wall Calendar


Cartoon Network Ambient ads

Cartoon Network: First dog's press conference

Insights, Strategy & the Idea:  Viasat is a leading paid satellite TV operator competing with 3...see more →

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