Direct Marketing Ads

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Burger King Direct Marketing ads

Burger King "The Silent Drive-Thru" by Superson

Drive-thru is an American invention, designed for those who like to talk. Finland, then again, is...see more →

Tikkurila paint company "Endangered Colors" collection
Tikkurila Direct Marketing ads

Tikkurila paint company "Endangered Colors" collection

A Nordic paint company Tikkurila’s new Endangered Colors collection consists of...see more →

Meter Group "Made in Fukushima"
Meter Group Direct Marketing ads

Meter Group "Made in Fukushima" is a book made from decontaminated rice straw

Made in Fukushima is a book made out of rice straw from the decontaminated fields in Fukushima. It...see more →

Johnnie Walker Direct Marketing ads

Johnnie Walker "Toolbox" for Father's Day

As time passes, a number of old concepts, patterns and roles are updated. What it means to be a...see more →

The Female Company "The Tampon Book" a book against tax discrimination
The Female Company Direct Marketing ads

The Female Company "The Tampon Book" a book against tax discrimination

Creative Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin Client: The Female Company Production Company:...see more →

HBO "Women's Equality Day"
HBO Direct Marketing ads

HBO "Women's Equality Day"

On August 26th, HBO is celebrating the Women’s Equality Day by highlighting the...see more →

Corona "Fit Packs" by Leo Burnett
Corona Direct Marketing ads

Corona "Fit Packs" by Leo Burnett

Corona is a brand committed to the beaches and oceans, and recognizes the...see more →

KFC Direct Marketing ads

KFC "KFC Russia x Mam Cupy Bucket Hat"

Client: KFC Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative...see more →

Whiskas "MIA - Feed Curiosity"
Whiskas Direct Marketing ads

Whiskas "MIA - Feed Curiosity"

Meet MIA. The first personal assistant inspired by cats' curiosity. While advanced...see more →

Scribe "Therapy Book" by Archer Troy
Scribe Direct Marketing ads

Scribe "Therapy Book" by Archer Troy

Creative Idea: To commemorate Teacher’s Day in Mexico, Scribe and Archer Troy developed “Therapy...see more →

Para Chocolate Direct Marketing ads

Para Chocolate "Sweet Advisor" by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest musical event in the world and this time it’s taking...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing ads

Coca-Cola "Pin Tabs" by WMcCann BR

For the first time, the pop tabs of the cans become a media and bring ready to use pins Coca-Cola...see more →

Bicycling Magazine "The Outlaw Bike"
Bicycling Magazine Direct Marketing ads

Bicycling Magazine "The Outlaw Bike"

Bikes are one of the highest taxed products in Brazil. Over 70% of a bike's price is comprised of...see more →

PUMA Direct Marketing ads

PUMA "The 9'58 Biography"

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Usain Bolt's 9.58-second world record on the 100m...see more →

Pause Home Entertainment Direct Marketing ads

Pause Home Entertainment "The Pause Ticket"

In April, the fee on all parking tickets in Stockholm increased. With over 50 million dollars in...see more →

JB Restaurant Direct Marketing ads

JB Restaurant "The JB Restaurant Book" by Futura DDB

Futura DDB and JB Restaurant created a book that truly captures the authentic spirit of the...see more →

Finish Direct Marketing ads

Finish "Glasses of Drought" by Havas

Turkey is on the brink of serious water shortage, and the brand has launched a huge campaign...see more →

Telia - Game of Thrones Anti Spoiler-kit for fans
Telia Direct Marketing ads

Telia - Game of Thrones Anti Spoiler-kit for fans

Client: Telia Play Sweden is preparing for the eight and final season of Game of Thrones by gearing...see more →

Tulipan Direct Marketing ads

Tulipan "Consent Pack" by BBDO Argentina

Advertiser: Tulipán Campaign: "Consent Pack" Agency: BBDO Argentina Creative VP: Ramiro Rodriguez...see more →

Dubai Health Authority Direct Marketing ads

Dubai Health Authority "Rx Prescription Stickers" by The Classic Partnership

Blue-collared workforce in Dubai is quite sizeable. Many unfortunately, have limited education and...see more →

IKEA Direct Marketing ads

IKEA: "SLEEP" by Wirz

IKEA beds are really, really good. Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO Zürich, Switzerland Chief...see more →

Greenpeace Direct Marketing ads

Greenpeace ad campain: It's not business, it's personal

Advertising Agency: Don't Panic London, London, United Kingdom Md:Joe Wade Project Manager...see more →

KFC Direct Marketing ads

KFC Watt A Box - Limited Edition 5-in-1 Meal Box

The new limited edition KFC Watt A Box will not only fill you up but also your smartphone....see more →

PETA Direct Marketing ads

PETA Distributes 'Huntsman' Condoms to the Trump Brothers

PETA distributed complimentary Huntsman Condoms to outdoors shows, hunting clubs, and trophy...see more →

Motorola Direct Marketing ads

Motorola: Moto Reissued

Advertising Agency: VML, New York, USA Global Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven / Executive...see more →

Pink Ribbon Direct Marketing ads

Pink Ribbon: The Pink Bra

Innovative, effective, creative marketing campaign that created a bra to help underprivileged women...see more →

Legoland Direct Marketing ads

Legoland: Legoland Dollars

Advertising Agency: VML, New York, USA Global Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven / Executive...see more →

Kit Kat Direct Marketing ads

KitKat Mobile Parking Lot

The Snap & Share is the sharing block we don’t want you to share…  We know you’re always...see more →

Lenovo Direct Marketing ads

Lenovo: The Screen Jacket

To project everywhere you are and enjoy the content you love, discover The Screen Jacket : a custom...see more →

McDonald's: Official sponsor of Green Bay Packers Hoodies
McDonald's Direct Marketing ads

McDonald's: Official sponsor of Green Bay Packers Hoodies

Advertising Agency: Moroch, Dallas, USA Executive Creative Director: Kevin Sutton / Creative...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing ads

Coca-Cola prints native names in its bottles

The Share a Coke campaign, despite being a worldwide success, did not encompass native names in...see more →

Green Latte
Green Latte Direct Marketing ads

Green Latte: Use Mug, Save Tree!

Eco-friendly themed franchising café in Korea, Green Latte launched a campaign...see more →

Mini ads
Mini Direct Marketing ads

Mini: Throw another door on the Mini

Throw another door on the Mini Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Melbourne, Australia...see more →

Salvation Army
Salvation Army Direct Marketing ads

Salvation Army: Boarding the Heat

Some people run away from the cold, but the cold doesn't run away from their country. They can...see more →

Telhanorte Direct Marketing ads

Telhanorte: The Concreted Magazine

Telhanorte’s action encases decoration magazines inside a block of construction...see more →

Stihl Direct Marketing ads

Stihl: une tres bonne annee

Advertising Agency: Altmann + Pacreau, Paris, France Creative Director: Olivier...see more →

Alka Seltzer
Alka Seltzer Direct Marketing ads

Alka Seltzer: Many things? Indigestion?

Media in magazines. 71 pages or more. Every page, a food or drink. In the end of the magazine, Alka...see more →

Cundari Direct Marketing ads

Cundari: a time for merriment, joy and self-mockery

The holidays are a time for merriment, joy, and in Cundari's case, self-mockery....see more →

Club Mahindra
Club Mahindra Direct Marketing ads

Club Mahindra: the bag "alive"

Challenge: The task was to communicate to warm prospects who had already gone through a...see more →

IKEA Direct Marketing ads

IKEA: Sneak peek in the store

Client:IKEA Advertising Agency: I TO NIJE SVE!, Zagreb, Croatia Creative Director: Alen Kekic // ...see more →