Ford's "Winter Heroes" support the Swedish Ski Association

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Ford introduces its new "Winter Heroes" advertising campaign. Ford's support of the Swedish Ski Association is fundamental to the message of inspiration and aspiration communicated through this Swedish-made ad campaign.

This summer, Ford announced that the Swedish Long Distance Skiing Association and the Swedish Long Distance National Team would be switching to Ford as their official automobile sponsor. Ford's sponsorship deal with the Swedish club is one of the company's longest and largest. To ensure that future generations have the opportunity to ski on snow, the groups must collaborate to develop youth enthusiasm for the sport and to have a handle on sustainability challenges.

Ford has just released a new ad campaign in Sweden that has a wintry setting and directly impacts the partnership with the federation and national cross-country squad.

This video follows a young Swedish girl as she trains to become one of the country's top cross-country runners. Like the famous stars, the girl has an iron will and keeps going long after the lights on the cross-country course have gone out. The girl's mother then assists her daughter in turning on the headlights of their Ford Mustang Mach-E electric automobile so that she can continue pursuing her ambition.

Markus Ahlm, creative agency producer at Colony: "Ford had a good idea of what needed to be done and a solid plan in place. As time was of the essence, it was great that we could jump right into the scripting. Working with in-house creatives is, in many ways, the same as working with agency creatives. The main distinction is the ability to skip the testing phase and jump into mass production once a viable solution has been found. The fact that we were a close-knit group that had a great time together on the journey was another advantage."

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