Heineken "Home Gatherings" by Publicis

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Video advertising:

Since responsible home parties are an ever-growing trend in countries where it’s safe and permitted a popular beer occasion - Heineken has launched a new global advertising campaign, 'Home Gatherings', with a light-hearted view on what losing your drink at a home party looks like.

The film understands that even the most responsible home parties confront a simple and very relatable annoyance: when people drink the same beverage, drinks get mixed up. Inspired by real-life situations of anyone who ever attended a home party, the film comes to recall to everyone that if you have drinks together, keep them apart.

Client: Heineken

Advertising Agency: Publicis Italy

Chief Creative Officer: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Chief Creative Officer:Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Director:Eoin Sherry
Creative Director:Sandra Bold
Art Director:Marina Perta
Copywriter:Pamela Bianda
Junior Art Director:Luca Villa
TV Producer:Sanam Bartoletti


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