Industrial & Agriculture Advertisements

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3M "The tape that crosses through our hearts"
3M Print ads

3M "The tape that crosses through our hearts"

Advertised brand: 3M Advert title(s): THE TAPE THAT CROSSES THROUGH OUR HEARTS Headline and copy...see more →

Coopavel "Living is cooperating"
Coopavel Print ads

Coopavel "Living is cooperating"

Client: Coopavel Advertising Agency: Fosbury&Brothers, Cascavel, Brazil Copywriter: Waldir...see more →

Tyrolit Outdoor ads


A billboard site in Viennas posh first district, where design conscious urban professionals pass by...see more →

Pavco "Sh*t doesn't warn"
Pavco Print ads

Pavco "Sh*t doesn't warn"

Client: Pavco Pipes & Fittings that never fail Advertising Agency: Mayo, Lima, Peru Vp: Ricardo...see more →

FLUVIUS TV / Film ads

FLUVIUS: "Easy with you" by BBDO

Eandis and Infrax, the 2 large companies in Flanders that distribute gas and electricity, have been...see more →

Personal "Eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding sites"
Personal Outdoor ads

Personal "Eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding sites"

Eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding sites Client: Personal Advertising Agency: WILD Fi, Asunción,...see more →

Paper and Packaging Board TV / Film ads

Paper and Packaging Board: "How Life Unfolds" by Cramer-Krasselt

Explore new worlds with paper and packaging. Innovation is virtually limitless...see more →

Xella: "Life's too short to spend a long time with building." by Heimat
Xella Print ads

Xella: "Life's too short to spend a long time with building." by Heimat

Life’s too short to spend a long time with building. Advertising Agency: Heimat Wien, Vienna,...see more →

Smart Prague: "Go eco, breathe cleaner" by Nydrle
Smart Prague Print ads

Smart Prague: "Go eco, breathe cleaner" by Nydrle

Advertising Agency: Nydrle, Prague, Czech Republic Creative Director: Roman Cihalik Art Director /...see more →

Supra Pens
Supra Pens Print ads

Supra Pens: "#learnbeyondgrades" by Monkey Wrench

Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench, India Creative Director / Art Director: Ashis Mridha Associate...see more →

Tyrolit - Collecting masterpieces. Done.
Tyrolit Print ads

Tyrolit - "Done" - grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools

Contrast: The most obvious example of contrast in this advertisement would be the...see more →

KLO - Be filled up in the year of the dog!
KLO Print ads

KLO - Be filled up in the year of the dog!

Be filled up in the year of the dog! Advertising Agency: Michurin Creative Agency...see more →

Infra Suisse - We build together
Infra Suisse Print ads

Infra Suisse - We build together

Advertising Agency: KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner, Zurich, Switzerland Executive Creative Director: Flo...see more →

ExxonMobil TV / Film ads

Sugar wings

Advertising Agency: DDB, Colombia Chief Creative Officer: Leo Macias Group Creative Director: Juan...see more →

SolarCity TV / Film ads

SolarCity: Coal Oil Gas

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, USA Directors: Becho Lo Bianco, Mariano Bergara / Creative...see more →

GWK TV / Film ads

GWK: This Man Is Building A Rocket

Advertising Agency: Lowe and Partners, South Africa Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford / Art...see more →

Sta-Bil Print ads

Sta-Bil: Make sure she wakes up hungry in the spring

Make sure she wakes up hungry in the spring. Be sure the ol’ girl doesn’t come up lame next spring...see more →

Mortein print ads
Mortein Print ads

Mortein: mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents

Introduction: Due to ever increasing global heat, the modern environment has become a very...see more →

Stihl Direct Marketing ads

Stihl: une tres bonne annee

Advertising Agency: Altmann + Pacreau, Paris, France Creative Director: Olivier...see more →

Familia Institucional outdoor ads
Familia Institucional Print ads

Familia Institucional: Napkins one at a time

Client: Familia Institucional Napkins Advertising Agency:Creamos, Medellín, Colombia Creative...see more →

3M Reflective Tape ads
3M Outdoor ads

3M: Reflective Power

Client: 3M Reflective Tape Advertising Agency: Proximity, Santiago, Chile Creative Director:Ferju...see more →

BIC Online ads

BIC: Universal Typeface

see the website at Advertising Agency: DDB Düsseldorf, Germany...see more →

ComEd Online ads

ComEd: Recycle your old fridge

Watch as Chicago thespians Rebecca Spence, Josh Bywater, and Renee Matthews discover that happiness...see more →

Thermax Profetherm print ads
Thermax Profetherm Print ads

Thermax Profetherm: Save endangered species. Unplug.

Save endangered species. Unplug. Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India Creative...see more →

Bosch TV / Film ads

Bosch: The quietest burglars

Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium, Brussels, Belgium Creative Director: Sebastien...see more →

Beeline print ads
Beeline Print ads

Beeline: Manage your office in one click.

Manage your office in one click. Advertising Agency: RED, Almaty, Kazakhstan...see more →

Bosch ads
Bosch Print ads

Bosch: Unexpected power.

Unexpected power. Client: Bosch Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe,...see more →

Rotomac Microfine Liner
Rotomac Print ads

Rotomac: Now with new soft fiber tip

Now with new soft fiber tip. Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Ahmedabad, India Creative Directors:...see more →

Copamex Print ads

Copamex: Leave a good impression

Leave a good impression.The smart paper that gives you better ink adhesion. Advertising Agency: La...see more →

Moleskine Ambient ads

Moleskine: Picasso, Van Gogh and Hemmingway

Every Moleskine ever used has its own story. Just as everyone using one, has theirs. And some of...see more →

Ecofill Ink Cartridges
Ecofill Outdoor ads

Ecofill: Black runs out, story changes

"Black runs out, story changes. Cyan runs out, story changes." Advertising Agency: Ogilvy &...see more →

MaxHaus Print ads

MaxHaus: Live in the now

Live in the now Advertising Agency: Talent, São Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer / Creative...see more →

AustralBricks Print ads

AustralBricks: Timeless style

Advertising Agency: Tango Communications, New Zealand Executive Creative Director: Vaughn Davis /...see more →

Yale Locks
Yale Print ads

Yale: The world's favourite lock

No way inYale. The world's favourite lock Advertising Agency: Grey Group Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...see more →

Grant Elevators ad
Grant Elevators Print ads

Grant Elevators: Lift your style

Grant Elevators. Lift your style. Advertising Agency: Block, Perth, Australia Creative Director:...see more →

Sharpie print
Sharpie Print ads

Sharpie: Sharpie Twin Tip. One story. Two points.

Sharpie Twin Tip. One story. Two points.   Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Kepler Weber ads
Kepler Weber Print ads

Kepler Weber: Delivers Your Future

Delivers Your Future Advertising Agency: Dez Comunicação, Porto Alegre, Brazil / Creative...see more →

The Home Depot TV / Film ads

The Home Depot: We take care of our customers

We take care of our customers. We take care of each other. Thanks. Advertising Agency: The Richards...see more →

3M ads
3M Print ads

3M: Surround Sound Headphones

Advertising Agency: Grey 141, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Pedro Cappeletti, Daniel Perez...see more →

PEFC ads
PEFC Print ads

PEFC: Choose PEFC certified wood products

The Congo rainforest is under threat. Choose PEFC certified wood products. / The Gabon rainforest...see more →