Lancia's "Punch" advertising campaign

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The concluding ceremony of the 20th edition of the San Bernardino Award, devoted to the most outstanding advertising campaigns (profit and non-profit) that express ethical themes to induce constructive change in society, was held in Rome in the Jubilee Hall of the LUMSA University.

Lancia's "Punch" campaign won the Profit category, with the jury expressing the following motivation: the message delivered briefly and directly tries to arouse consciences and make everyone more attentive and responsible to what is now an emergency.

The "Punch" commercial, distinguished by forceful yet elegant and respectful pictures dealing with such a delicate issue, features Cristiana Capotondi, who asks everyone to commit to creating an inclusive society built on universal principles of love, respect, and beauty. Along with her, the Lancia Ypsilon Alberta Ferretti special series allows women to rediscover their nuances and express themselves freely. The Lancia model continues to excite female buyers today, despite four generations and over three million units sold, reaffirming its position as the unchallenged leader in the B sector.

Lancia has long supported many cultural and civil causes. In the same vein, the company offered this awareness-raising endeavor last April to demonstrate its social commitment to women. Sustainability and social responsibility are two pillars of Lancia's Renaissance, which aims to make the world a better place for future generations.

The "Punch" commercial was created by the Armando Testa creative firm, directed by Ago Panini for the Movie Magic production company, and featured music by maestro Flavio Ibba.

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