LG Cinebeam Ultra 4K Projector "Your own cinema"

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Upgrade your home entertainment system and become your friends and family's envy, regardless of whether you are a gamer, a movie fan, or a music enthusiast. LG Cinebeam Ultra 4K Projector will completely transform your home entertainment experience, and the visionary team led by acclaimed creative director Neel Majumder created a masterpiece that completely justified the magic of LG Cinebeam Ultra 4K Projector. LG Cinebeam Ultra 4K Projector is available now.

Advertised brand: LG Cinebeam

Advert title: Your own cinema
The headline and copy text: LG cinebeam Ultra 4k Projector
Media: Film
Production: Image Work, USA
LG Creative Director: Anthony Ogg
Executive Creative Director: Neel Majumder
Twitter: @LGUS