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E! Entertainment TV / Film ads

E! Entertainment "For Real: The Story of Reality TV"

E! Entertainment travels back in time through decades of breakthrough reality TV in upcoming series...see more →

Napapijri TV / Film ads

Napapijri "Choose Future"

Design, sustainability and innovation come together in this campaign that unites the past and the...see more →

Dunkin' Donuts TV / Film ads

Dunkin' Donuts "Cheersin"

Dunkin’ remixes a holiday classic and amps up the traditional yuletide ad with the...see more →

Etsy TV / Film ads

Etsy "Gift Like You Mean It"

From faraway family to new gathering nerves, Etsy imagines all holiday scenarios in a caring new...see more →

Nerf TV / Film ads

Hasbro brings celebrities to animated life for NERF House X

Hasbro, Inc. brings celebrities to animated life for the high-octane NERF House sequel, ...see more →

Burger King Online ads

Burger King "Grubtitles" national language of the burger kingdom

A new, tastier way to use Netflix subtitles. Grubtitles: national language of the burger kingdom....see more →

WEBTOON Online ads

WEBTOON "Quarantine Series: Lore Olympus" by Fred & Farid

A modern image of the ancient Greek goddess of spring, Persephone, stars in a new Webtoon...see more →

Nike "Share The Pain"
Nike Print ads

Nike "Share The Pain"

With the Power of Nike’s Just do it campaign we can share the importance of mental health with our...see more →

ADAA "Beautiful, until you see the struggle"
Anxiety and Depression Association of America Print ads

ADAA "Beautiful, until you see the struggle"

This is a Print campaign that highlights the importance of speaking out and sharing thoughts about...see more →

Netflix "For the Extroverts"
Netflix Outdoor ads

Netflix "For the Extroverts"

This is a complete 360 campaign that highlights the Anti Racism movement and current Pandemic...see more →

Pepsi TV / Film ads

Pepsi "Made For Football Watching"

The Pepsi Fan Portals bring audiences the Fall sports action amidst an abnormal...see more →

King Arthur Baking Company TV / Film ads

King Arthur Baking Company "Power of Baking" by DCX Growth Accelerator

Honoring Everyday Bakers, King Arthur Baking Company Launches a Feel-Food Campaign...see more →

Change the Ref TV / Film ads

Change the Ref "The Unfinished Vote"

After the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018,...see more →

Women Moving Millions TV / Film ads

Women Moving Millions "Give Bold to #GetEqual"

International creative animation/design studio LOBO teamed up with Hive and nonprofit Women Moving...see more →

Burger King "Whopper and nothing but the Whopper" ads
Burger King Print ads

Burger King "Whopper and nothing but the Whopper"

Burger King continues its mission to show the world and its fans its commitment to burgers made...see more →

Mucinex "Back to normal is up to you"
Mucinex Print ads

Mucinex "Back to normal is up to you"

Five months after the new coronavirus epidemic was declared a global pandemic, some people are...see more →

Kia TV / Film ads

Kia "The Features Film" by David & Goliath

The short film, produced by the David & Goliath creative agency, starts from...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

"The Great Meal" - the new Coca-Cola advertising campaign

The Coca-Cola company has launched a new global advertising campaign "The Great Meal"...see more →

Babybel TV / Film ads

Babybel cheese fight against junk food "Join the Goodness"

To promote change and encourage consumers to eat better, Babybel creates in her new...see more →

Anchor Brewing Company "You Know It's Local"
Anchor Brewing Company Print ads

Anchor Brewing Company "You Know It's Local"

We haven't been given the key to the city… Yet.    But you've heard about us ever since you arrived...see more →

The Avengers
Marvel Studios Print ads

Marvel Studios "The Avengers"

How do you promote a Marvel Studios movie with multiple superheroes? We decided to do it by showing...see more →

Burger King TV / Film ads

Burger King "Just in case Whopper"

In these crazy times, Burger King wants to make sure you can always get a Whopper, even when fire...see more →

ESPN "All day, everyday"
ESPN Outdoor ads

ESPN "All day, everyday"

Client: ESPN All day, Everyday Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director: Richard Copping,...see more →

Mucinex "Staying in isn't exciting, but it saves lives."
Mucinex Print ads

Mucinex "Staying in isn't exciting, but it saves lives."

Be a Hero. Be Boring. Staying in isn't exciting, but it saves lives. Advertising Agency: McCann...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser #OneTeam by David

In uncertain times, there’s one thing that remains certain: we are #OneTeam.  Let’s come together...see more →

Adidas Integrated ads

Adidas #adidasGMR

The Adidas GMR is made for you. Designed in collaboration with Electronic Arts and Google, this...see more →

Hyundai TV / Film ads

Hyundai "This is how you dare" by B-Reel

What does it look like when you don't settle? When you push past the expected? Introducing the all-...see more →

Horizon TV / Film ads

Horizon "Down and Out Kidney" by Area 23

Down and Out Kidney features an immersive animated video that casts the kidney as...see more →

Bungie TV / Film ads

Bungie unveiled Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

Bungie unveiled new challenges for fans of Destiny 2 to conquer in a pulse-racing...see more →

Seagram's Escapes TV / Film ads

Seagram's Escapes "Keep it colorful!" with Reality TV host Chris Harrison

New York-based production company Valiant Pictures and Reality TV host Chris...see more →

Liquid Death TV / Film ads

Liquid Death - Keep the Underworld Beautiful #DeathToPlastic

Liquid Death brand launched a new marketing campaign against overuse of plastic...see more →

Burger King "The Moldy Whopper" #NoArtificialPreservatives
Burger King Outdoor ads

Burger King "The Moldy Whopper" #NoArtificialPreservatives

The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly. that’s why we are rolling out a WHOPPER® that is free...see more →

Harley-Davidson TV / Film ads

Harley-Davidson "Leave it all behind. Ride to break free."

Droga5 released a series of their first commercials for Harley-Davidson, which called for an escape...see more →

Nike Integrated ads

Nike "Space Hippie" Sneakers made from trash

We are in the recycling era and the Nike brand has understood this. The company has decided to...see more →

NYC Botanics Pet Oil "It Ain't Reefer, It's Relief"
NYC Botanics Print ads

NYC Botanics Pet Oil "It Ain't Reefer, It's Relief"

It Ain't Reefer, It's Relief CBD oil for pets for general health and possible ailment relief....see more →

Audi TV / Film ads

Audi e tron Sportback "Let It Go" featuring Maisie Williams

Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, Amsterdam, Netherlands Embracing the future starts with letting go...see more →

Pepsi TV / Film ads

Pepsi Zero Sugar "Zero Sugar. Done Right."

Pepsi Zero Sugar is looking better than ever, and we’re reintroducing it to the...see more →

Convenant House "Real Life" by GSW - #humantrafficking prevention month
Convenant House Print ads

Convenant House "Real Life" by GSW - #humantrafficking prevention month

On TV, [email protected]@ trafficking looks like this. In reality, it looks more like the girl next door. In real...see more →

Red Cross TV / Film ads

Red Cross "Liferun"

Imagine if Fortnite awarded points for saving lives, rather than taking lives? Over the past week,...see more →

Brooks Integrated ads

Brooks "Run the World"

Title: Run The World School: Miami Ad School San Francisco Art Director:...see more →

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