Mercedes-Benz presents The Reinvention of "Pretty"

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What else would you anticipate seeing at a car show? Despite the fact that motor shows are massive events for the automotive industry, not everyone who goes does so to check out the newest models. The booth babes, or "Pretty" as they are referred to in Thailand, are another popular attraction.

In the 30 years that "Pretty" has been a staple of Thailand's auto shows, several of the women who have played the role have spoken out about the verbal and physical abuse they have endured while performing in front of crowds while wearing skimpy outfits and slathering on bright red lipstick. Some have been victims of assault, stalking, or even murder.

In an effort to put an end to this kind of abuse and show the world a better way forward, Mercedes-Benz announced to the 1.5 million people watching the Bangkok International Motor Show that the brand would no longer use the word "Pretty" to describe their Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Instead of "Pretty," the new virtual role for both sexes will be "Digital Guides," which will do away with the need for revealing clothing at auto shows and replace it with an engaging digital interface, making the automotive industry more welcoming to men and women alike.

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