Amnesty International "Fashion is not all there is to France"

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For several years, the French government has been promoting products made in France and sold abroad, as well as industries based in the country. When we think of French items traded in markets worldwide, the luxury sector comes to mind first. But fashion isn’t the only jewel in France’s global reach. There are weapons too. And while the framework they’re sold in is regulated, it’s actually only heeded very little.

Despite ratifying the international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in June 2014, the French government has continued to sell arms to countries that then use them against civilians. Which means France is conniving in war crimes.

To remind the government of its responsibilities and obligations, and to raise awareness among the general public, the charity Amnesty International France is joining forces with the agency DDB Paris to launch a communication campaign that decries the French government’s ploys and compares the fashion industry to the arms trade.

Fashion is not all there is to France.
There is also an arms trade that kills civilians. It’s time to stop the illegal arms trade. Join our appeal to the French government for better control and transparency on

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