Stella Artois "Great Beer Travels" by TBWA

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With 600 years of brewing tradition, Stella is one of the most renowned Belgian beers in the world. And as they say, a good beer is a beer that travels. For the Belgian brewer, today more than 180 countries have displayed their colors.

To pay tribute to this international success, TBWA \ Belgium and Stella decide to revive a lot of the brand's advertising, displayed all over the world. To do this, the agency analyzed various Stella Artois commercials broadcast internationally and decided to make a series of explicit prints.

After seeing the number of countries displaying the brand logo, the slogan "Great Beer Travels" makes perfect sense.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Belgium, Belgium

CD: Jeroen Bostoen
Creation: Pieter Claeys, Wouter Pardaens, Roxane Schneider, David Maertens
Account Team: Jochen De Greef, Max Fauconnier, Rosemarijn Bol Raap
Design: Sébastien Bontemps, Christophe Liekens
Research: Wouter Pardaens, Yves Van Hacht
Studio: Patti Secci, Annick Cohen
Art Buyer: Elly Laureys
PR Creative: Kenn van Lijsebeth

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