Haytap #StopHunting

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Hunting season has come and the hunters have started shooting animals again. Particularly many endangered animals are in serious risk. We wanted to see hunting through children's eyes and help stop it. No matter how unreasonable a father is, he just gives up something for his kid.

Through this, we intended to send the common wish of all children to people interested in hunting. The thing he hunted is actually the future of his child, if nature disappears in this way, children will be deprived of nature and all these beauties in the future. Only kids can explain this to them. If they saw the animals they hunted through the eyes of children, will they continue to hunt in this way? People with hearts think after this image. If the child wants, everything changes. If we take the power of children behind us, we can create great awareness. For the tomorrow of our kids, let's do something to stop hunting, please. Let the future of their not be the target.

Advertising Agency: THEBADGUYS, Istanbul, Turkey
Brand: Haytap
Brand Manager: Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat
Creative Director: Duha Keleşoğlu
Art Director: Merve Keleşoğlu, Semih Keleşoğlu
Account Director: Ceren Gül