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Mastercard Company announced the launch of the PayBag — a collection of technological bags, which will help users to pay for their purchases even faster and to take care of nature at the same time. The Mastercard Contactless payment chip is built into each bag so that payments can be done without pulling the wallet or smartphone out.

Despite the growth of environmental awareness, changes towards conscious consumption in consumer behavior are very slow. For example, only 5% of shoppers intentionally choose reusable bags while 64,7% continue to buy disposable bags on daily basis. Our research revealed that the main switching barrier is the contradiction between sustainability and convenience. In other words, the fact that sustainable consumer behavior sets limits on comfort, aesthetics, ease and quickness of the experience.

To promote conscious consumption, Mastercard decided not to encourage people to change their behavior, but to make sustainable shopping more attractive as an experience. To achieve that, we launched the PayBag® collection — an all-in-one solution which makes shopping more sustainable AND more enjoyable. Paying with PayBag® is easier and faster than using cash and plastic cards. In contrast to disposable bags, it can be used for years and doesn’t pollute the environment after that. Unlike ordinary reusable shopping bags (which people actually forget to bring with them at 40% of shopping trips), it remains in your pocket all the time — because you can’t go shopping without everything you need to do it.

Brand designers have developed a convenient technological solution: when folded, the novelty easily fits into a pocket, and when needed unfolds into a full bag. All bags are made of 100% recycled plastic and are presented in four versions, corresponding to the four types of cards of the partner bank.

The eco bag can be received by simply ordering a card from the partner bank of the project. The courier delivers the card in an eco-wallet, which in just a few seconds will turn into a fashionable PayBag®.

PayBag® project launched in support of conscious consumption and will help people to say no to disposable bags - one of the most common types of plastic waste.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Moscow, Russia

CEO: Olga Tsoukanova
Executive Creative Director: Luiz Risi
Associate Creative Director: Julia Andriyanova
Art Directors: Maxim Vyazigin, Breno Ribeiro
Copywriter: Ivan Podolyan
Motion Designer Director: Alexander Pakulichev
Head of Design: Andrey Kitsen
Account Director: Maria Kartashova
Account Manager: Nadia Vakhrusheva
Planning Director: Shilpa Sinha
Producer: lya Uturgauri
Product Design: Cardbeast
Production: Adservice
Photographer: Gregory Shelukhin
DOP: Ivan Malimenkov
Post Production and Animation: CG Company